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Speakout 12/12

Sunday, December 12, 2004

I also live in Sikeston. I live on the northwest side of Sikeston behind the Middle School. We never get our mail until after 4 p.m. (sometimes after 5 p.m.) and our newspaper follows the same pattern. You're welcome to come sit in my driveway and watch them deliver my mail and throw my paper and you will see that it's the same on the northwest side as it is on the southwest side. You need to quit sitting around and feeling sorry for yourself.

I live in the northwest part of Sikeston. I don't know what time my mail comes, but when I get home at 5 p.m. it is usually there. Maybe I should take a vacation day and watch and see what time my mail is delivered.

To the man in a black truck who pushed the kitten out one day last week, I have my opinion of people like you and I will get to the point. It was wrong for you (for whatever reason), the kitten was so traumatized and shaken up, it took a while for me to get it to settle down. The only comment I have for you is this. When you have a pet you don't want, there is a humane society that will find it a home and you can also run an ad in the newspaper. This is a very smart and lovable kitten. When you don't want an animal, get rid of it in the right way. How would you like it if someone pushed you out of your truck, or gently threw you out? Would you still be normal? I know there's a big difference between children and pets not being wanted, but they can also be given to adoption agencies. There are so many people out there who want children and pets. I know there's a big difference between the two, but I'm just trying to make a point to anyone who wants to get rid of a pet and doesn't want to take care of it. Give it to the humane society, make a donation (if you can't, they will still accept it) or put it in the paper. There are too many people who want pets and who want children. This is so wrong!

I am calling about slumlords in Marston who rent trailers here. One room in the whole trailer house has electricity, the owner comes and cuts your lights and water off whenever he gets ready to, he comes into your house when he gets ready. What can we do about this? They won't do anything to correct the conditions of these trailers. There is one trailer that doesn't even have heat but then they want to charge $250 for rent in a trailer you can't even get heat or electricity in. You have to run an extension cord to get lights. What can we do?

What is going on in East Prairie? It seems like the Christmas lights don't work anymore and this new fire department we are supposed to have, they printed a new emblem in the paper and on the emblem, when did the East Prairie Fire Department become the Eagles Fire Department? We need all of our firemen to become EMTs. Not one of then is EMT trained but they have it on that new patch.