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Tuesday, Aug. 30, 2016

Speakout 3/26

Tuesday, March 26, 2002

Call 471-6636

Attention! Attention! All illegal immigrants. Just come on in and stay right here, get $1,000 from the government. You can stay here forever. Thank you, Republican Administration.

I'm calling about taxes. When I bought my home with three acres, Scott County charged me a lot more taxes than the previous owner. That person had 28 more acres and told me he never had to pay taxes on his tractor. I guess farmers don't have to pay taxes on tractors. With all the welfare they get, they should pay taxes. Scott County should chip in and check the people who live in towns. How much more are homeowners going to take?

Would the boys who took my bird bath realize how much an 89-year-old woman enjoys watching the birds and doves eat, drink and bathe? Please put it back where you got it - no questions asked.

Listen up, race fans. There's no need to travel to a NASCAR race to witness a pit stop. Just let your child miss the bus. Bundle them up in the car and drive them down to New Madrid County Central Middle School. Once you pull off I-55, that's when the fun starts. Each are is in line for position. It's great! Then you mix in with school buses and cars starting every which way - exciting, especially as the students who drive actually reach their parking space, then walk across the racetrack to the high school pod, against other drivers making hairpin turns to reach their parking spots - thrilling. There are no officials at this race track, fans. It's a free-for-all. Yes, sir. I just wonder what would happen if the school officials actually consolidate our three remaining elementary schools and launch them into this early morning race. All of a sudden, it's not fun anymore. Is it?

I'm calling about Republican Jim Talent's double standards. It seems this isn't the first time, regarding the support of abortion, when he's around the right people, changing his mind that he's for abortion (or whatever the deal was). It seems he did this before. One time, in the Post-Dispatch, when asked about the conceal and carry issue, which he had been previously in favor of, he said he was rethinking the issue. That was the last time he ran for something. I guess this time he's doing the same thing again. He's for pro life and then he's against it. He can't make up his mind, but that is typical of most of your politicians.

We're tax hungry in Missouri and the United States as it is. If smoke is so deadly, how come it isn't against the law for them to even make the products. Why don't you tax-happy politicians from both sides of the street make it illegal to buy cigarettes in the state of Missouri if it's so bad? Probably half of you smoke anyway.

I need the number for JoAnn Emerson.

Rep. JoAnn Emerson

Federal Building, Room 246

339 Broadway

Cape Girardeau, Mo. 63701

(phone: 573-335-0101)


326 Cannon Building

Washington, D.C. 20515

(phone: 202-225-4404)


e-mail: joann.emerson@mail.house.gov