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Tuesday, Aug. 30, 2016

Saga shows value of law enforcement

Thursday, August 21, 2003

This week started like any fairly normal week in our small community and then all hell broke loose. A foiled bank robbery attempt that included an alleged bomb strapped to the robber changed the normal morning routine in a big way. But it's refreshing to report that the ending of the saga was successful from all standpoints.

Law enforcement from throughout the region converged here and faced a challenge that you don't see every day. Many residents who witnessed the two-hour-plus ordeal said it came straight out of Hollywood.

Far too often many are guilty of bad-mouthing law enforcement. That attitude is certainly not isolated to our region. But in instances like the Monday morning showdown, we collectively depended on law enforcement. And they came through with shining colors.

A bank robbery attempt is indeed big news not just here but everywhere. So when the events began to unfold it became clear that our reliance on law enforcement for our collective protection was critical. And again, they proved that training, equipment and patience are part of their daily routine.

The bank robbery could have well ended much differently. But the training of the region's law enforcement officials handled the situation in the best possible manner. Those few who think otherwise are just flat-out wrong.

Take time to imagine how the events could have turned out differently. Then thank a cop for doing their duty in a professional manner. And next time the police here seek funding for something or another, recognize that they know what they're talking about and be supportive of their request.

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