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SpeakOut 8/21

Thursday, August 21, 2003

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I would like to thank Bridger Plumbing for coming out Tuesday and fixing my plumbing. They came right out and did excellent work. I appreciate them and I appreciate their secretary too.

I have a baby girl who is now three months old. She is beautiful, smart and healthy. I want to give my child the world and do not want her to miss out on anything. Unfortunately, she is missing out. My baby's grandmother has denied her since she was conceived. How can anyone be so cruel? Every morning I wake up and look into her innocent eyes. She did not ask to come into this world. You see, my child is mixed, and that is her grandmother's reason for not wanting her. She has hate in her heart and it has taken over her mind. We can only hope that the good Lord will reach out and bring sense to this woman's head. My little girl is a blessing and does not deserve to be treated this way.

Someone said in SpeakOut that anybody who is unable to walk should not be able to drive. You are wrong. We have to go to the store to buy food. We still have to go to the doctor, hospitals, funerals and so on. I am one of these people and I want to tell you I am a good driver. I am so happy the good Lord lets me drive. You must be jealous because we have places to park where you want to park. These legs used to walk really good.

A reader in SpeakOut said they didn't know much about the Bible. Evidently not. If they had read the true real "Good Book," they would learn that God destroyed Soddom and Gomorrah because of homosexuality. Someone correct me if I'm wrong, but if you get something out of the Bible, it's not wrong because God doesn't say or do anything wrong.

I'm getting sick and tired of everybody criticizing our police department here in Sikeston. The men and women at DPS have a dangerous job. Their hands are tied, they can't enforce the law the way it should be enforced and I believe the police department, state troopers and anybody who is supposed to enforce the law should have the best equipment money can buy, like weapons, bullet proof vests, etc. It's the people who commit crimes and break the law who are always criticizing our police department. I don't commit crimes and I don't break the law, so I don't have anything to gripe about. I have respect for our law enforcement and I think it's time the citizens of Sikeston start giving more compliments instead of criticizing them. People who commit crimes are not punished like they should be and some are not punished at all. Many of them get off scot-free. I applaud our law enforcement in Sikeston, troopers and law enforcement throughout the country. I pray for you and your families that nothing will happen to you. Let's start giving them the compliments and honor they deserve.

I read in the paper where they called the "kidnapped" family the Jaycee Bootheel Rodeo Kidnapped Family. For two years I've been at the Redneck Barbecue and I've seen the guy leave the barbecue with the police, get the "kidnapped family" and bring them back to the barbecue. The Jaycees gives the family the tickets to attend the rodeo that night, but why does it keep saying it's the "Jaycee Kidnapped Family" instead of the "Redneck Barbecue Kidnapped Family?" Can someone clarify this for me? What is the true kidnapped family?

We contacted Pansy Glenn director of the Sikeston-Miner Convention and Visitors Bureau, with your question. "The 'kidnapped family' started back in the 1950s when the rodeo began. It was a fantastic tradition to start. Tourism looks for something unique in the area and the kidnapped family is a perfect draw for uniqueness. The Jaycees donate the tickets to the rodeo, they do the cattle baron's dinner and backstage passes for the entertainer. The Sikeston Area Chamber of Commerce gives the barbecue luncheon and the kidnapped father is the judge at the barbecue. The CVB collects all kinds of things to put in this huge basket for the family and gives that to them along with goodies from the CVB. The CVB director caters to the family throughout the entire day, takes care of their needs and shows them Sikeston-Miner hospitality. It's just a great tradition for the entire city to be proud of. The tradition began as the 'Jaycee Kidnapped Family' and has been brought back to the rodeo. They do attend the Redneck Barbecue because there is a lot of activity all day long before the rodeo. Everyone who would like to have a part in that is welcome. Just give me a call at 471-6362.