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SpeakOut 8/11

Monday, August 11, 2003

Call 471-6636

Why would the police come to a woman's house and tell her she has to keep her dog (that is on a leash) in the house, when a Great Dane comes into her yard off a leash, and the police won't do anything about it, or the humane society won't either.

What is the leash law? My cousin has a little puppy. She had it on a leash and an officer told her that because her pup is in heat, she should keep the dog inside. The Great Dane didn't have any business in her yard to begin with and hers is a very small dog. So where is the leash law being enforced?

The person who can answer your questions is Ken Fowler at city hall 471-2512.

I would like to respond to Corey McNew about his statement in the Aug. 3 paper that the Jaycees have made the CP Center exactly what it is today. We need to give credit where credit is due. As a person involved with the CP Center since the very beginning, if it hadn't been for the Sikeston Eagles Club, there would have been no CP Center. They built the program, they funded the program, they housed the program, they have bought vans, they paid the insurance, they kept the program running. And they are still a big part in keeping the program running. Let's give credit where credit is due. Yes, sir. The Jaycees jumped in and got on the bandwagon after it had been on the books for a long time, and we thank the Jaycees for that. But let's also give credit to the Eagles Club. When there was nothing but a little building beside the printing place that housed all these children, and there was no child denied. There was no child applied under Medicare or Medicaid. There are no insurance companies billed. Children walked into that building and they were treated. Not like the statements now, that there are no charges to the parents. The parents are charged. Their insurance companies are charged and the government is charged. So let's give credit where credit is due. I want to thank Dr. Blanton and Tom Richey because they provided their services to the Center for many, many years, free of charge, to get the diagnoses that were needed and the treatments that were needed. Also, the fact that these children were transported at that time from all over the area. Many, many children were serviced through the help of the Eagles' program. If not for the work of the Eagles, there wouldn't be a CP Center.

I called a couple of months ago to say the sign that says "Welcome to Sikeston" on Highway 60 West was covered with weeds. It's still covered with weeds. Also, the flag in Legion Park downtown is awfully dirty and needs to be replaced.

Call city hall at 471-2512 concerning the area around the sign and the American Legion at 471-9956 about the flag.

As I came down the street in Plantation Acres the other day, there was a dog in somebody's trash and had trash strewn everywhere. I saw the sign about "Help keep Sikeston clean; don't litter." People need to keep their trash in cans with lids so the animals who are half-starved can't get into their trash. You can drive down through there and it's bad for trash sitting out instead of being in a can. Help the people who have to pick up your trash. Get a can or get a fine.

I read the Aug. 3 Standard Democrat, on page 3, "Mixed messages sometimes a natural function." This lady says she trusts President Bush 100 percent. I'm telling you what, she sure don't know what she's trusting. I wouldn't trust him no farther than I could throw a bull by the tail.