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Speakout 11/24

Monday, November 24, 2003

If the person who needs to have a wooden wheelchair ramp built would leave a phone number in SpeakOut, I will be happy to call. I have references and do these things on the side and my prices are very reasonable.

Mike Jensen's article in the paper was way out of line. He didn't print the whole facts. He wants the city to vote for a tax hike. Before you have a tax rise, the city won't give themselves a raise. Why don't you ask how much money they make? I have a relative who works for the city and they take trips to Hawaii, go to Disney World, take two or three vacations a year. You name it, they go there. They make like $200,000 or $300,000 a year and want a pay raise. Why don't they take a pay cut and quit spending on things that aren't needed and quit putting money in their pockets. Then there wouldn't be such a shortfall in Missouri. Put this in the paper. It's the truth. Find out how much city employees are being paid before you vote for another tax raise. Everybody wants to raise taxes. We can't afford more taxes. Do like we have to - give up something.

No city employee makes the salary you mentioned nor do any take two or three vacations a year.

I am appalled that you, Mr. Jensen, call yourself a fair and respectable writer of a newspaper. Calling Hillary Clinton "dishonorable" is about the lowest, most despicable comment you have ever made. I have no respect for you or your paper when you take such a heavy-handed attitude with others, and this isn't your first shot at this type of fleas. I wish you'd knock it off.

If someone knows the name of a dentist in Sikeston who takes Medicaid, please leave the information in SpeakOut.

Dr. William Dillon accepts Medicaid patients. The number is 471-4335.