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Speakout 6/16

Sunday, June 16, 2002

This is to the shareholders of the farm store. If you let that president get rid of the person for stealing and you get rid of the wrong man, we're all quitting. We're all going to walk out. It's not right. You shareholders need to step in and do the right thing and get rid of the right person.

As a shareholder of Coop, I hope the board members of New Madrid and Mississippi counties will try to do something to keep Mr. Kelly as the store manager of the East Prairie-Charleston Coop. We farmers depend on Mr. Kelly and hope that you, as board members, will see what is actually going on that would make Mr. Kelly resign. Please do a thorough investigation and I and others know a lot will come to light. We do not want to lose this man as store manager of this coop. So please think it over and make the right decision.

I'm glad to see the work on North Ingram. It needs to go all the way north. There are a lot of potholes past the Smith Addition. I hope they're going to be paving from there on down. It's pretty bad.

Why do the sidewalks on Kennedy Street stop at some of the residences? It seems like it should go east and west (at least on one side of the street) to North Ingram. Can that be fixed.

I'm really concerned about the situation that's happening in our neighborhood. It used to be infested with drugs, dope. But the drugs and dope have left, the drug dealers have pretty much left. But now we're faced with a bunch of drunks. They're loud, rude and obnoxious. When you go and ask them to turn the music down a little bit, they act like they don't understand you. But if you call the police and they happen to come, "yessir," "yessir." Then when the police leave, they may turn the music down, but then they're loud and obnoxious all over again. It's a really, really sad situation. I used to like living in Sikeston; I wish now I lived in the country. Of course, then again, I wish they were in the country, then they could get loud all they wanted to. I have to put up with it. I go to work every day, come home every night and have to deal with next door neighbors loud, partying. I guess they don't have a better life and that's why they come to Sikeston. I guess that's why Sikeston's plagued by alcoholics, drunks, dopeheads and stuff like that. I'm really tired of it. Aren't you?