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SpeakOut 3/10

Monday, March 10, 2003

Call 471-6636

How long does the City of Sikeston allow a family to remodel a home? Construction work on the same house in the 300 block of Edmondson Street has been continuing now for its third year. Not only is it an eyesore and a disgrace to everyone in the neighborhood, but the work is not contracted by professionals but is done by family members with their blaring loud music at 3 a.m. For everyone on the block, I say we are tired of this activity ruining our street. Are there any code enforcers who can help solve this situation?

I was reading in SpeakOut Feb. 26 about the person who called in about the housing authority, the residents of the authorities. I agree with this caller 100 percent. I remember when the housing authorities first started out, back in the late '50s or early '60s. It was only for elderly and handicapped people and now you have everybody living in them. You have people who are addicted to drugs; you've probably even got hookers. My opinion in this is, before anyone could rent a unit from the housing authority, they should have to take a drug test, have a mandatory check on the applicant's police record and see if they have a record. If they have a police record or any kind of drug problem, they shouldn't be allowed to live in the housing authority. We pay for this with our tax sent to the government. Some of these people are paying $4 or $6 a month. This is what they're causing. They have two and three people or you may have 10-15 living in a unit.

Background criminal checks are conducted on all assisted-housing applicants.

I enjoy reading SpeakOut but I didn't realize so many people were so misinformed about what is going on in the world and in the USA. A good example is, when Bush took over, we had a huge money surplus. Bush was determined to spend it so he said everyone would get a huge tax cut. Have you seen any tax cuts recently? Now we're going to have the largest deficit in history and then the economy is down the tubes. If people would start reading magazines like U.S. News or Newsweek, they would not see things they know nothing about. It would cost less than $50 a year for the magazines or they can go to the library and read them for nothing. It seems that some of the people who call have spent the last three years of their lives in the eighth grade. If they would just shut up, no one would know how dumb they are. But then they call SpeakOut.

I feel that Sikeston did not call off school on Thursday due to the uncertainty if the district playoff games would be held at Notre Dame or not due to the bad weather. The superintendent of Sikeston Schools should make a firm decision based on the road conditions at the time, or before school starts, and not have a special situation whether the parents have to decide whether or not their child attends school that day. Let's put our children's safety first and the game second - it's only a game.

Is there a leash law concerning dogs in Miner? It looks like we're getting an awful lot of dogs running loose out here.

I have the best three people who deliver my paper there are: Mrs. Gosnell, her daughter, Judy and her husband, Glen Green I just want to thank those people and praise them. They threw my paper right at my garage door when the ice was so bad. I just pray that God will keep His arm around people like them and just bless them.

I would like to complain about the people who own a Dalmatian in the 200 block of Kate Street. They let it run loose, it gets trash scattered everywhere and our neighborhood looks pitiful!