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SpeakOut 8/13

Wednesday, August 13, 2003

Call 471-6636

I don't know if you'll print this, but I think Morehouse has a real bad skeeter problem. We can't even sit outside here. I think the city needs to spray more than twice a month. If the city doesn't want to spray, I'm sure they can find people who will. Maybe the city board members need to do it every night; I'm sure that people are tired of being eaten up. It's just about being fishing at night, except you're not even fishing. You're at your home. So come on, city council. Let's get some spraying going on.

A friend got arrested for selling to an undercover agent, but wasn't read his rights when being handcuffed. There were several boys who said they weren't read theirs, either. Employees at the Sheriff's Department need to learn how to treat people and be fair and just. My friend slipped and hurt his foot and was taken to the emergency room for X-rays. The police told him they didn't break it so they don't care how it gets fixed. He wasn't given any crutches or a wheelchair. He had to hop on his other foot to keep the pressure off the other one, which caused the other foot more problems. His leg was bruised badly when I saw it last. All they gave him was a cast, which does no good without medication, which they never gave him. Something needs to be done about this. Everything about this situation is unfair and I really wish you could help me and the other people they have locked up like criminals. There are criminals on the streets now and they are not worried about them. They only go after the ones they want or don't like and harass them on a regular basis. Please e-mail me back with some kind of help.

I am calling in response to the Concordia Lutheran Church's small preschool ad in the classifieds. At the very bottom of the ad, in fine print, it states, "Concordia Lutheran Preschool admits students of any race or origin." I was not aware we are still living in a segregated community. I can see where they would say children of any religion are accepted, since this is a religious institution. But why race is even a question, especially when a church is involved, is beyond me. I would appreciate it if someone from the church would call in and clarify this for me.

We spoke with the Rev. A.J. Wollenburg, pastor of Concordia Lutheran Church. "We understood that this disclaimer was required so parents know that race is not an issue for our school."

Sikeston merchants want people to shop in Sikeston, but I think we have another example of Sikeston merchants gouging people coming into town. The rodeo is coming and I noticed gasoline prices jumped from $1.31 to $1.38. None of the other local communities have raised their prices like that. I think it's poor representation of Sikeston businesses.

This is about the fiery crash that killed two people from California. I like the way they wrote that up speculations. I guess people in other vehicles can tell how fast another one is going at 70 mph. Hmm. At 1:30 in the morning, must have fell asleep. We assume. Assumption is the first sign of a screw-up. When you assume something, that's when somebody screws up, so you can't assume the driver fell asleep. I'm a truck driver and we all have worked at 1:30 in the morning, at a time when I'm sure most other people with normal jobs are asleep.

The information for this report was provided by law enforcement officials.

In response to the "List is OK," granted, some bankruptcies are for people's over spending. But some bankruptcies are from people who have had strong serious illnesses, no insurances and have no other choice but to do that. Bankruptcy isn't something people take lightly. Bankruptcy affects the people that file it, and, granted, other people too. But when you're down to the bottom, what do you do?