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Thursday, Aug. 25, 2016

SpeakOut 8/12

Tuesday, August 12, 2003

Call 471-6636

I'm calling about the Aug. 3 SpeakOut, "Read the Good Book." I don't know a lot about the Bible, but I know a thing or two about gays and lesbian lifestyles. It isn't like someone wakes up one morning and says, "Oh, I think today I'm going to be gay or homosexual." If you're around someone most of your life and pay close attention to the person, you will realize that person is gay long before the person realizes he or she is gay. I am fortunate enough to have a wonderful relative in my family who has been gay all his life. It's in his genes. He has more female hormones than male hormones. So before you sit and judge gay people and downgrade them, try to put yourself in their shoes. You have no idea how it feels to be gay. They are human beings and have feelings just like everyone else. Are you God? Who gives you the right to judge anyone? Maybe it's better to be gay than to be someone who sits around and talks about other people. If they don't flaunt their gayness in front of you, mind your own business! Amen!

I would like to say God bless you to President Bush for speaking out about all the gay people in this country and all the power they're getting and all the power they're wanting. You should go ahead and take whatever it needs (a vote or whatever) to make it a Constitutional amendment to say they cannot get married, in all 50 states. Do it. Quit playing politics with it. The Vatican came out and said they were against it. They spoke loud and clear and you've done the Catholics a favor. They will love you for this. This thing has been let go way too long. These people need to learn what the Bible says against homosexuality. We are becoming a sick nation. We have got to turn this thing around and the churches of all denominations need to train more people about this stuff and that is not the right act. We want to show our young boys and girls a better way to live in this country, a better life. Showing them the ways of gays and lesbians is sure not the way to do it. God bless you, President Bush.

I agree with the caller about drug dealers. It has been turned into the Sheriff's Department, but each time a certain drug dealer is caught and arrested, he is allowed to be set free if names are given in return of people who purchase drugs. How is that legal? If a drug dealer is caught, why should he be set free in the first place? It's sad to see a town go to waste because drug dealers and users are allowed to be set free even if there is evidence against them.

In an effort to make our roadways a safer place, it has been suggested that after a certain age, seniors be given a test. This test would make an effort to weed out those individuals who no longer have the necessary skills to operate an automobile in a safe manner. I think a fairer way to do this would be to require all those people getting a handicap parking permit to be tested first. If they have difficulty walking, they most likely have difficulty driving.