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SpeakOut 10/15

Monday, October 15, 2007

Call 471-6636

The real winners of Judge Robertson's ruling against the St. Johns/New Madrid project are not the birds and fish, as Peter Myers would like us to believe. No. The real winners are we taxpayers who will not be skinned once again to pay for yet another pork-barrel boondoggle such as this. This levee is unnecessary, too expensive and benefits only a select group of people. I say hooray for this "liberal" federal judge who put the brakes on Bootheel Republicans' version of a "bridge to nowhere," and saved the taxpayers a ton of money in the process.

We will start picking turnip greens and mustard greens Oct. 15. If you want to get on our list, call 748-2449. Talk to you later.

I'm looking for someone out there who might have the game piece called Boardwalk from McDonalds. If you do, leave your name and number in the paper and I will call you. I'll give you a $100,000 for it and that's no joke!

Tell me what President Roosevelt's little dog's name was. I'm saying one thing and my friend is saying another. He's here with me and we want to find out which one of us is right.

Fala was the Scottie's name. Official name was Murray of Fala Hill, named after a famous Roosevelt ancestor.

I was calling in reference to this Earth Day and Science Day that Jason Lindsey had on the other day. I cannot believe that people can't even afford to buy soda and he and those kids were up at Arena Park experimenting with soda. And look how much they wasted. That is just pure silly. People can't even afford to buy soda and here they are up there wasting it.

Through almost 30 years, this may be the most petty SpeakOut in history. Call us and we'll give you a free soda.

I want to comment on Mike Jensen's editorial that Hillary Clinton is wrong for America. I want to applaud him for writing that piece in the paper today.