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Phone caller puts scam on the menu

Wednesday, April 21, 2004

Did you hear the one about the guy who calls a restaurant and tells them to strip-search a female employee for an alleged theft and then stays on the line and asks the manager to describe the clothing being removed from the strip-searched employee? Well not only is it true but police say 65 restaurants nationwide have fallen for the scam in the past five years.

The latest phony strip-search took place in Oregon and involved a 17-year-old employee who has sued the national restaurant chain. Police say the caller is from Florida and uses a pay phone to contact the restaurants. He passes himself off as a law enforcement official and says the strip-search must be conducted immediately. Then he remains on the phone while the manager conducts the strip-search and wants a vivid description of the clothing and the physical attributes of the "suspected" employee.

Well for starters, what manager in their right mind would fall for such a ploy? And wouldn't you become somewhat suspicious once the "police officer" wants a blow-by-blow description of the strip-search? Or am I missing something here?

Had this bizarre story happened just once it would probably be somewhat amusing. But can you imagine 65 incidents? That's more than once a month for five years this weirdo has successfully conned a restaurant manager into undressing some young worker and then getting the manger to describe the action. That's just too amazing to be understood.

I guess the point is this - for starters, I seriously doubt if police would call and demand such actions regardless of the circumstances. And for 65 different managers in 65 different locations to fall for this gag is beyond the imagination.

But what worries me is this. If the managers of these restaurants are so dumb to fall for this con game, what makes you certain they are smart enough to prepare the food on your plate. It kinda makes you want to eat at home more often!

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