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Speakout (11/30)

Sunday, November 30, 2003

If you are thinking of getting a puppy or dog, you need to check out the Sikeston Humane Society. We wanted to get a puppy and went out there the other day and picked one out. They had a chocolate lab (I think it's full-blooded), a couple of lab mixes, three poodles - all kinds of great dogs that need homes. So before you go out and spend big money, check out the Humane Society. They have the pets who really need homes.

I predicted the November weather and hit it pretty close for Southeast Missouri. As we start into December, I think the northern jet stream has finally made it down during this last week in November and will do that more often in December. I believe those low pressure areas that create the winter storms in the Southeast Missouri area so often in the winter will start forming in the Texas Panhandle into Oklahoma and moving into Southeast Missouri, and that high pressure wind by the northern jet stream will sweep in behind them and we will have more cold weather in December and two, three, could even be four snows we'll have. They may be big ones or may be little ones, but I believe even Christmas we could have snow on the ground. This is my weather prediction for December, so you weather watchers just hang in there and see if I'm getting close.

Mr. Jensen does not have anything to apologize for about what he said about Mrs. Clinton. Anything he could say about that woman would be true. If she should become lucky enough to become president of the United States, don't people know that Bill Clinton would hang around there like a sick cat all the time and we'd have the same things to go through that we went through for 10 years. People, be smart and face reality. Correction, caller. Clinton served two presidential terms, which was actually eight years in the White House.

They keep talking about Michael Jackson on television. They give everybody else lie detector tests. Why don't they give him one to see if he really did do the things he says he didn't do?

The article in the Nov. 24 paper describing a teacher's job should be printed on every page of the newspaper and signed "Amen!" God bless our teachers!

I understand the Republicans are wanting to make a big deal out of Howard Dean having not served in the armed forces, just like they did about Bill Clinton. What about fair-haired boy George? He did exactly the same thing but nobody thinks there's anything wrong with that. It's kind of one-sided.

To the person who took the pink roses from the City Cemetery, if you needed roses or you ordered roses, just ask someone and they would have bought some for you. Why do you have to take them from someone who has died? Don't disrespect them. They are a memorial for the person who has passed away. Just leave them alone.