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Speakout 8/1

Sunday, August 1, 2004

I really do believe that this is the way people should vote in the next election: If you want a strong national defense, vote Republican. If you want to continue abortions, including late term abortions, vote Democrat. If you feel that strong moral leadership is not important, vote Democrat. If you want to keep taxes at the lowest rate, vote Republican. If you feel that the United Nations knows best and should be dictating our foreign policy, vote Democrat. If you feel that honoring God and keeping his laws (including non-gay marriage) is important, then vote Republican. If you feel that an appointed judge should have the power to change or throw out laws based on their own prejudice, then vote Democrat. Forget all that is being said by smooth-talking, paid strategists. They have a prostitute's heart and money is their only agenda. Think long and hard about these differences. Then go vote.

I'd make a point about preachers in the church trying to make people vote a certain way. Just because you're a Democrat doesn't mean you're not moral. I believe in the Bible. It's the living word. Also, leaving pamphlets on people's cars parked at church shouldn't be allowed. If this happens in the future, I won't attend that church anymore. This is America and we have a choice. Democrats are not all bad.

The Bush administration has really bungled our war in Iraq because of poor planning, lack of diplomatic skills and many other reasons. Now they're demanding that John Kerry, the candidate, come up with an exit strategy. Sorry, Mr. Bush, this was your big idea. You are the one who is supposed to provide an exit strategy, and we sure haven't seen or heard one. You are the one with the power, and you have squandered it. And when John Kerry becomes commander in chief, we hope that he'll do a better job. It sure can't get any worse.

John Kerry offers a health care plan that would extend coverage to most of those now uninsured, paid for by rolling back tax cuts for those with incomes over $200,000. George Bush offers a tax credit that would extend coverage to fewer than 5 percent of the uninsured, plus a new tax break for the affluent that would actually increase the number of uninsured. I don't see how Bush can win this debate.

Do you realize how impossible it was for John Kerry to have been in the service four months, have been in Vietnam and receive three Purple Hearts? Four months encompasses basic training and AIT (Advanced Individual Training) and he would have been kicked out right after that. He wouldn't have been in 'Nam. He was in the service for more than four months, so why don't you people just shut up?

I'm really getting tired of hearing about how John Kerry is such a hero and such a super-trooper about going, turning around and going back to rescue some of his crew members. That was his job. That's an oath you take when you're in the military. You do not go off and leave your fellow comrade. You do not do this. That was his job. That is what he was supposed to do. That's why he was put in the position he was. From the beginning to the end, if you're in the military, your job is to rescue the person you are with. You don't leave him behind. It's just really amazing for him to get medals and being a hero for doing that. I don't see it.

It seems that according to Gephardt, that Kerry will ward off all terrorist attacks before they happen. If he is so knowledgeable, why didn't he ward of 9/11? That's just amazing!

Just one more vote for "John Boy" Kerry. I, too, got a letter begging for money. What a laugh! I'm a Republican and wrote him a very nice personal letter, thanking him for trashing up my mailbox and a few other sentiments. I only sent one penny and told him to split it four ways - between himself, Edwards, Kennedy and Hillary. I should have sent another penny so Mrs. Heinz could save for a new white blazer that doesn't gap above and below the button. Poor, destitute girl.

The Democratic National Convention would have almost been something to laugh about if it hadn't been so serious. They got Kennedy up there (a murderer and alcoholic); Bill Clinton (adulteress and chased after women, then lied); Hillary (who still lives with him even after he took up with all the women - most decent women would have left him and divorced him a long time ago). I think people should stop and think, even the on who is running for president. He's a divorcee and quoted the Bible. What does the Bible say about divorce? When you marry, you take them for better or for worse. Bush may not be the perfect guy, but at least he has nerve to stand up for what is right and for decency.