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Your view: True character shown

Monday, July 14, 2003

After reading Mr. Bill's letter last night, I felt I had to respond. I remember when he ran for state representative and was going to Jefferson City to represent this district. I wonder if he would have written such a letter if he were trying to be elected to some governmental office. Generally, politicians tell us they are very concerned about their fellow man and want to serve in the best interest of the citizens.

Mr. Bill's letter let us see the true character of the man, which in my opinion, is very self-serving. I think he stated pretty clearly he would not hesitate to use any gray area of the law as long as it served him. Did it matter that it harmed his fellow citizens? No. Morality was not and is not an issue with him.

His scheme does bring harm to our community. He has devised a method, legal or not, that deprives Sikeston of much needed revenue. Our community has had to close the fire station on North Main Street because of lack of tax revenue. Many positions have been eliminated with the Department of Public Safety because there is not enough money to pay the salary.

This scheme also deprives our schools of desperately needed funds because the state also loses sales tax revenue. Therein lies the morality of his scheme and he clearly stated morality had no bearing on his decisions.

Did I vote for Josh Bill when he ran for office? Yes, as city councilman and as state representative. Now I am thankful he failed in this bid for the state office. We do not need any more of his kind looking after our affairs in government.

Ruth Jackson