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Speakout 7/17

Thursday, July 17, 2003

Does anyone know what ever happened to the young lady who used to sing in one of these churches around here. She was on the telethon when Kenny Bridger had it. She had a beautiful voice and she was really a good piano player. I think her name was Sandra McGee. Does anyone know where she has got off to or does she still sing?

For the third time today, I have driven through Blodgett and there is a small child standing in the road. This is a small child, wearing a diaper and with a pacifier in its mouth. I don't know where the mother or father are, but someone needs to be taking care of the child. The sad thing is that someone is going to hit this child. The child will be hurt or killed and then the mother will be on television crying about what happened to her child because someone hit it. I don't know who to contact.

You can call the Scott County Sheriff's Department at 471-3530 or the Division of Family Services at 472-5222.

Everyone be aware. We were out by the railroad crossing on Vanduser Road. An engine pulling two or three box cars came down the track. The train never sounded the whistle at all. We would have heard it if it had.

Beauty is enjoyed

I was on Matthews Street last week visiting some friends and noticed how pretty their yard is. A little girl was outside watering her yard, and she sure has a pretty yard.

I am watching on television where they said Bush didn't tell the truth about the war and why are the people just sitting back and not doing anything about these boys being over there, when Bush has already declared the war over? Now the boys are all over there getting killed, two and three and four and six and more at a time. Why don't the people get on their feet and tear the place up and demand that our boys be sent back home?

If you use books or trade books anywhere near Miner, go to the Book Bug in Miner. I had accumulated a lot of money in credit when I moved away, and she has never failed to send me a box of books when I write and ask her to. She is the most honest woman I've ever seen. I tried other book stores and they wouldn't take anything in trade that was over two years old, but they wanted me to take books that were over 10 years old. Therefore, they weren't as good. And then they tried to shortchange me when I tried to pay the difference. I have shopped at the Book Bug for at least 20 years and she is the most honest woman I have ever met.