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Speakout 7/16

Wednesday, July 16, 2003

I was calling about your article in Speakout, "Not good for Missouri." Hallelujah to that and amen. Missouri can't afford Mr. Holden. He better take a good shot at this term because I personally believe and hope that he doesn't get a second one.

That person who wrote in that "Trust is a thing of the past" about the retail store is 100 percent correct in everything they said. That has happened to many people in the Sikeston area and the surrounding area. Stop again and think. And as for a tape, they should have a tape, like a tape of this lady being kidnapped. They will come up and they can't find that tape but they will be able to find the rest of them. That has happened to several people who have asked for a tape of a robbery or what the police done or what someone else has done but they never can produce a tape and they tape everything that goes on. But they hit the nail on the head about the Sikeston retail store. Something has to be done about them.

This is in response to Gabby Evan's article, "Be responsible for pet." This is so true. Animals are very loving. They are man's best friend. They have saved lots of people lives including children. You heard on TV about that four-month-old lab that saved that little boy's life. Saved him from drowning by getting that owner and out of the pond. You people who have burned these animals, cut their ears off and put these wires through neck and choke them to death and throw them off bridges to die. I think this should happen to you also. Come on judges, let's get together. There are animal abuse laws here in town. Hats off to you, Gabby. I know you see a lot. I've been out there. I feel sorry for these animals. If these judges and laws would start doing something to these people who are abusing these animals, this is when you will see the abuse stop. I say put them in the electric chair just like they would do if they kill a human. There is a law against abuse of a dog. Please do something about it. Let's stand together and take care of these animals.

I am not interested in rhetoric only decisions and results so I think it is high time for impeachment of George W. Bush. Weak leadership, poor leadership, false statements. We should not wait until 2004 to oust this president. We were so eager to charge an ex-president with a morals charge to impeach him. How about these soldiers dying almost daily in Iraq compared to a sex charge?

I want to Speakout in regards to the new law about the loud music. I feel if the lawmakers and the law were smart they would not have banned the loud music because 95 percent of the people driving around with the loud music are drug dealers and by stopping them with the loud music means you probably would have found drugs or something else in there. Then you could get some of these bad people off the streets. So maybe next time you should think before you pass a law.