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Speakout 7/14

Monday, July 14, 2003

I want to speakout on a funeral line. I was driving down South Main yesterday, which was Monday, July 7, around 3:18 p.m. There were some funeral line coming in from the southside of town and the people on the south Main wouldn't slow down or wouldn't yield to it. One car actually came through close to hitting one of the funeral line members. They sat in the turn lane for almost 40 minutes waiting for the traffic to pass by. What these people need to do is stop and think. What if it was their mother, their father, their sister, their brother? How would they feel?

I was surprised and stunned altogether the other day when I took a friend to a medical clinic here in Sikeston and they have on the wall they have the authority to refuse anybody that comes in there if they want to. I thought anyone was suppose to take somebody if they were sick. Would they let someone die? Would they just obviously let someone go away sick or maybe a child or an elderly person or anybody? That is not right to have a sign on the wall like that.

I just want to let you know we were coming through Sikeston and spent the night here and found the Little Theatre the week of their play, "Wagonwheels West." I just wanted to let you know that you have some awfully talented kids in your community and it was a very, very enjoyable show. I think Sikeston should be proud.

Mr. Jensen, I want to applaud you on your editorial about protesting. But the fact is, I don't have time to protest. I'm too busy working two jobs to support my family and those deadbeats don't want to work.

Will someone put in Speakout what to do to keep the squirrels from eating their tomatoes.

I need to find out if anyone in the area knows about a Robinson family reunion for the 30th of August, 03. If they know anything at all about it, contact J.D. at the American Legion, telephone number 471-9956. I need information.

This is in response to the caller who called about Saddam Hussein implying that he attack on 9-11 was his fault. He ought to get the facts straight, it was Bin Laden. I just thought I ought to clarify that.

I want to comment on Mike Jensen's editorial on July 8, 2003. I agree with everything he says in it. People need to not be lazy and go to work for what they get like most of us in the United States and not expect it for free.