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SpeakOut 7/26

Monday, July 26, 2004

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I have a question. When the police pick up somebody and take them to jail and put them in drug rehab, why don't they let the parents know that they have been picked up. Parents sit at home and worry, wondering what has happened to their child, not knowing if they've been kidnapped or what. This is wrong. If they pick them up, they should let the parents know. It wouldn't take them five minutes to let them know.

To answer your questions, we contacted Sikeston Department of Public Safety Director Drew Juden: "If we pick up a child (someone age 16 or younger), we have to notify the parents. If they are 17 or older, Missouri state law considers them an adult. Thirdly, we don't put anybody in drug rehab; that is done through the courts. Fourth, there are telephones in each jail cell so anyone who is incarcerated can make a call and call anyone they wish to.

I read the article by Michael Jensen, "Stemming the flow of illegal immigrants." I agree with him wholeheartedly. It makes me mad enough to spit fire when I call somewhere and I have to choose between my language and Spanish. I have nothing against the Spanish people, but if they want to come to this country, let them come the legal way, let them learn our language and learn our ways and come the legal way, not sneaking in across the borders and taking jobs away from American people. I think it's wrong for them to come in this country and earn less money and three or four families live in one house and take jobs away from our people.

Sikeston Housing Authority, why aren't you keeping the lawns mowed? They look like trash around the houses. You need to do what the Sikeston city ordinance says and that way people will quit griping about the weeds and tall grass that is around their apartments.

To the tenant of the Sikeston Housing Authority who is being evicted from their home, good riddance. Get a job and pay for your own housing. The working class people are tired of paying for your subsidies.

In regard to the fireworks in Morehouse and the lady's house being caught on fire and her shed burned, I live on Highway 114 and have for several years. Every year, the man across the street from me bombards my house with fireworks that aren't meant to be shot in a residential neighborhood. One year he set my yard on fire and I had to stomp it out. If the city doesn't do something about it before the next Fourth of July, I'm going to get me some big fireworks and shoot them back at him. It's going to get dirty.

In response to the July 14 SpeakOut, "Wolf in sheep's clothing," that is all true. My marriage has been torn apart by a so-called Christian woman. If she would get her nose out of everybody else's business and worry about her own house, we wouldn't be having this problem. So-called Christians who tear up families and marriages need to stop and look. God does not believe in divorce. Divorce is the lowest thing. Families are being torn apart each and every day by divorce. Before you go and tear up a family, think, "Is this what God wants me to do?"

There is no Republican organization for women only in Scott County, however, the Scott County Republican Committee meets at 6 p.m. the first Monday of each month at the Morley Cafe for a "meet and eat" session. The Republican headquarters is located at 900 S. Main St. in Sikeston and the telephone number is 481-9444.