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Speakout 3/9

Sunday, March 9, 2003

The so-called California dentist who did that to those kids should have all his teeth drilled and pulled without pain medication, then thrown in to kill for the rest of his evil life. Where was the health department people who should have given the guidelines to these parent? Everyone needs to go with their kids into the room of a dentist, doctor or anyone else, every time. For what was done to them there is no excuse. Everyone involved in this, health department, dentist's office and the state should have to pay for their pain and suffering.

I would like to SpeakOut about the people who are with George Bush who want to start a war. Would you be willing to be the one to go to the families of those who got killed in Bush's war and tell them their son died and that you wanted the war? Think about this: What has Iraq done to the United States? Think hard, because there is nothing. Yes, they invaded Kuwait and we jumped in and kicked their butts out. Iraq had nothing to do with the World Trade Center on 9/11 in New York. This was done by men from Saudi Arabia and Egypt.

I would like to thank the two women who came to my rescue on the parking lot at the post office. My family and I will always be grateful for the deeds you did for me. My name is Cora Lorene Spradling and I live in the Sikeston Convalescent Center. Please come by and let me thank you personally.

To the person who said if we go to war that they hope we have a lot of U.S. casualties has never sat by a phone for a mother to hear the voice of a son or daughter, or a wife to hear the voice of the father of her children. This is an asinine statement if I've ever heard one.

Barbra Streisand had the colossal gall to get on TV and say Saddam Hussein didn't bomb the World Trade Center. Let me tell you, Saddam Hussein said it was a good thing to do. I can't believe we let people like Streisand live in this country. She needs to be shipped to Iraq. Not only her, but all of her cronies.

To the snobbish Republican (their money always goes to their head), they accused a Democrat of being on welfare or some program that the Democrats had funded for buying votes. What do you think the $1.6 trillion Bush spent on $300 and $500 checks for every taxpayer was but buying votes Republican style. As for dignity, the President is trying to restore. How about his falling down drunk for five years and never had a job in his life? Since he inherited millions at age 21, he never had to work, hence, he knows nothing about managing money.

This is to the person was disappointed about the loud music. How do you know the people who have loud music don't work? If you know that much about them, then you should turn them in to the police with their name and location and everything. If you don't like the loud music, quit sitting down and looking out your window all the time because I'm sure they're not parked out in front of your house playing the music in front of your house. They're probably just riding by. You don't know if they work or not, so you shouldn't say that.

In response to "Wealth is not a necessity," $7 for two people, the person didn't take into consideration illness, injury, insurance, clothing, non support for children or support being paid for children, car repairs and I also don't think this caller makes $7 an hour.

I was reading in SpeakOut about an old cowboy telling his grandson about a wolf. Excuse me, that is not an old cowboy story, it is an old American Indian tale. You know, the Indians that the white man took the land from? Those are the Indians I'm talking about. Get the story straight.

Thanks for setting us straight. - Which wolf are you feeding?

I see where Saddam Hussein wants to debate George Bush. Thank God we have got an army!