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Saturday, Aug. 27, 2016

Speakout 10/14

Sunday, October 14, 2007

There is something wrong with our Constitution when a federal judge sitting in Washington, D.C., can hand down a ruling that is detrimental to all people - Democrats and Republicans - who have to endure the brunt of spring flooding from the gap in the levee at New Madrid. The attack on former Rep. Peter Myers is from one who enjoys practicing the politics of hate, spite and intimidation and cannot recover from a humiliating defeat at the polls some nine years ago. He thrives on playing the political game of "gotcha." It is truly a shame he would want to inject partisan politics on the St. John Project and be so ill-informed on the great benefit this project would be to the city of Sikeston where our flooding on the eastern sector of our city would stop with the implementation of this project. Maybe he might have the same feeling many of us have towards this judge if he lived in East Prairie and have raw sewage back up into his home from spring flooding.

Lest we forget. I would like to remind everyone that the reason we'll have to wait 20 years for a new bridge is because years ago Jo Ann Emerson elbowed us out of the way in order to get the Emerson Bridge built ahead of ours. And one of the ways she did this was by buttering up the very people who were supposed to be representing our best interests, but who sold us out to the Emerson machine like a bunch of awe-struck suckers. Now, after being kicked to the end of the line, we have to kiss her feet and bow down in order to get her needed support for our bridge, which should have been built long before the Bill Emerson Bridge.

Your understanding of history is clearly flawed. And your understanding of politics is shallow.

We were just wondering why Governor Blunt punishes married people in Missouri? He will help the people who live together, but on the other hand, he will not help the people that are married. I feel like this is very, very wrong. In the Bible it says you are supposed to be married, not live together. He needs to start helping people that are married with their insurance and hospital and doctor bills, not giving all this Medicare and Medicaid to people that are living together.

I'd like to speak out to ex-Judge Tony Heckemeyer. I hope he never gets back in office again because we don't need people like him. He's about as informed as that judge who cancelled the levee district project at the New Madrid Floodway. What we need to do is tie that judge and Heckemeyer to a tree and let the water rise up on them and they'll see how deep it gets on the people who live down there. Tony Heckemeyer should never be allowed to ever have anything printed in the paper.

We were wondering why President Bush wears the American flag pin on his lapel. He's not a true American the way he is treating people. Sending jobs overseas, the way he's doing the boys in Iraq, the way he is cutting Medicaid and Medicare for the elderly and disadvantaged. I don't even know why he bothers to wear the American flag.