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Wednesday, Aug. 24, 2016

Speakout 1/14

Wednesday, January 14, 2004

This is to the caller who wanted people to save their money and let the military supply our soldiers. I can't adequately express my outrage. First, you are obviously extremely selfish to try to keep your money for yourself. Secondly, I would bet your comment about the elitist fascist thugs that you are sitting at home on your butt and my taxes are paying for you to do so. I also would bet that you don't know the definition of the word fascist. Our troops are putting their lives on the line for you and everyone else in our great nation and at least we can do is provide a few creature comforts for them while they are so far away from home. If you think those third world countries are so great, do us all a favor and move to one.

As a former city employee I can tell you they could save a lot of money if they kept employees that had college degrees and several years experience like myself instead of trying to run them off. They need to change their management tactics and keep good people.

Yes, my sincere thanks to the girl named Jessica that was working in girls and boys' wear Tuesday evening at Wal-Mart in Sikeston. She was so helpful to my family and myself and I feel like she went way beyond what was required of her. I truly hope you print this. Not enough appreciation is shown today of young people and I can say thank you Wal-Mart for hiring such a nice young lady. We will definitely shop there again.

Why are high-ranking members of the administration of Missouri Delta Medical Center going around collecting proxies ballots from the employees of the institution in regard to the upcoming election of the board of directors? What position does this place the employee in when someone who has complete control over their job ask for their proxy? Who are they trying to keep off the board and why. It certainly sounds like work place intimidation and harassment. Missouri Delta Medical Center is a community-owned, not-for-profit hospital and it should let the community decide who serves on the board. Why does the administration feel the need to pack the board with their people?

Hillary Clinton thinks that she sold the best-selling book. Well, she didn't. I gave away the best-selling book in a yard sale. It is called the Bible. God is reaping his reward from that book now. Not only me, but the rest of the world is paying dearly for that book that is kept in a lot dust. So Hillary, not only you but the rest of the world can read this message. It might make you think better and have more love for your fellow man. For God is on his way to Earth to collect for this book. He is not going to take any money, he is going to take from us your life and my life for it. So think about it and pass the word along to your husband, Bill, too.