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Your view: Funding improvements

Sunday, January 18, 2004

To the Residents of Sikeston:

On Feb. 3, 2004, we, the Sikeston City Council will be asking you to approve a ten-year funding mechanism. In our attempt to ensure this is a fair and equitable measure, we are proposing the implementation of a one-cent general sales tax. Accompanying this is a proposal to allow the existing one-quarter cent SAHEC Capital Improvement Sales Tax and the existing one-quarter cent Capital Improvement Sales Tax to expire, thereby reducing the net effect of this measure to a one-half percent sales tax increase. (This equates to 10-cent on a $20 purchase.) Additionally, we have formally gone on record to pledge a 21 percent reduction in municipal property tax rates when the Feb. 3 ballot issue is approved.

The City Council has promised and will dedicate these new revenues, primarily, to the support of Public Safety functions; to the removal of vacant, unsafe, and derelict properties within our community; and to a partnership with Southeast Missouri State University that will permit the expansion of classroom facilities at the Sikeston Area Higher Education Center. Based on discussions held during our "Round Table" Meetings and on individual conversations we have had with you, our constituents, the City Council, as a unified body, has created the following list of capital improvement projects to be financed by the proceeds from the February 3 ballot proposal. The Sikeston City Charter, approved by our citizens, requires the present City Council, as well as, all future City Councils to seek public input before making a final decision on any proposed project.

Adoption of the February 3 revenue measure, in addition to providing funding for Public Safety functions, residential redevelopment, and higher education will permit the residents of Sikeston to proceed with the following projects:

* Continued public forum for citizen input regarding the future construction and location of a new public safety headquarters;

* Continued public forum for citizen input to determine whether the City Council pursues the construction of a holding facility for prisoners or a jail facility;

* Continued public forum for citizen input regarding the future construction of a new fire station for the city;

* Potential funding for additional transportation projects, such as signaled intersections, new streets to enhance traffic flow, and economic development projects. (The 1/2 cent Transportation Sales Tax will continue to provide funding for annual street repairs and improvement needs.)

* Future replacement of fire apparatus vehicle;

* Accelerated improvements to the city's park system;

* Replacement of light poles at the complex ball fields;

* Improved lighting systems at the complex;

* Fencing upgrades, parking lot improvements at the complex and VFW ball field;

* Playground equipment in Mary Lou Montgomery park;

* Playground equipment in R. S. Matthews Park;

* Potential expansion at C.P. Wing Lake;

* Restroom construction at R.S. Matthews Park;

* Playground equipment around the Clinton Building;

* Playground equipment in Roberta Rowe park;

* Annual replacement of public safety patrol cars;

* Annual replacement of bullet proof vests;

* Annual replacement of fire fighting turn out gear;

* Annual replacement of fire hoses and nozzles;

* Increased security at the Sikeston Memorial Airport by the installation of fencing around the perimeter;

* Navigational/lighting system upgrades at the Sikeston Memorial Airport;

* Replacement/upgrade of storm warning sirens;

* Replacement of mosquito spraying equipment;

* Annual replacement and upgrade to city's emergency communication system through the purchase of radios.

We, the members of the Sikeston City Council, welcome your input on these and other capital improvement projects. We urge you to seriously consider the issue being placed before you on February 3, and the opportunities it provides this community.


Mike Marshall, Mayor

Michael Harris, Mayor Pro Tem and Ward IV Council Member

Phil Boyer, At-Large Council Member

Sue Rogers, At-Large Council Member

Jerry Pullen, Ward I Council Member

Jim Terrell, Ward II Council Member

David Teachout, Ward III Council Membe