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Speakout 1/15

Thursday, January 15, 2004

Anyone out there who has had injections for foot spurs treated by a Sikeston doctor, would you please put your number in Speakout. I need to know about it.

I just read the Jan. 8, 2004, Speakout where the person talks about how wonderful George Bush is and how he is such a religious man. They blast the Democrats about how awful they are and talking about how wonderful the Republicans are. Well, this person must not be quite informed about our President George Bush. Do they not remember when he was a drunken party boy? He loved to drink excessively and snort cocaine. I guess this won't be printed in Speakout.

I was just calling in response to a news article that was on the front page of Wednesday's paper about a local marijuana bust when there has been a local methamphetamine bust - a huge one at that. They have already had their formal hearing - charges read to them. I was wondering why that did not make the front page of the paper, too. I think one is worse than the other and they should both deserve equal printing.

I'd like to make a comment please in reference to the Blake trial. Supposedly he was parked two blocks away from the restaurant and he went back and got his gun and supposedly killed his wife. My question is for people that are trying to figure this out: With the ballistics as good as they are now how come they couldn't match the bullets that killed with the gun that was owned by Blake? It is a mystery to me and maybe somebody can answer this question.

I'm calling in reference to this immigration plan. I don't know what George Bush thought he would call it but to me it is nothing less than amnesty and is catering to the Latino vote. Again, it is rewarding people who broke the law and knew they were breaking the law when they did it which is not right. As far as his prescription plan from what I have read, it will help the very poorest which is good, but I am concerned although I have a good insurance plan now, that my insurance company will cancel it and want to replace it with Medicare. Another thing about George Bush, when Clinton inherited a big debt from Ronald Reagan and George's father and when he left he passed on a pretty good surplus to George W. Now, we are farther in the hole and in debt than we have ever been. From what I understand it is time for him to shape up and ship out.