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Speakout 3/3

Wednesday, March 3, 2004

I am calling again about the property on Poplar Street in Morehouse where the house burned and the owners apparently started tearing it down. The big hole is still there. This may be an eyesore that could be reported on the TV news. The owners had planned to bury the remains of the building in the hole but the city wouldn't let them do it. But the city is letting that hole remain open. Somebody could get hurt.

Call Morehouse City Hall or contact your alderman to file a complaint.

Today is Sunday and both Democratic presidential candidates put on their pseudo religious robes. They both went to African-American churches, trying to get the black vote. Well, I have a question. What is more important? Economics or morality? Democrats were in control of the White House before, controlled both the House and Senate and poverty still existed. The Democratic Party was the party of slavery in the 1800s and kept blacks from voting down south in the 1800s. The Democratic platform is pro-abortion, pro-homosexual rights and both are preached against in black churches. The Democratic Party enslaved minorities to the welfare state. So who are you going to vote for: a Democrat who believes in abortion and homosexuality (which Kerry and Edwards both believe in) or a Republican, George W. Bush, who by the way, has African-Americans in his administration and opposes abortion, homosexuality and taxing the working class?

This is in regard to the Missouri Highway Department in Miner wanting them to cut down the trees on account of the signs there. I have been down that road several times. What trees are they talking about and where are the signs? If I were mayor or a member of the Miner City Council, I would put up a fuss by this. I don't see any reason to remove those trees. Keep them trimmed up and other than that, I don't see any reason why they should remove them.

I read the article that said if you're a Democrat that means you are in favor of abortion and gays. I know some Republicans who don't have enough sense to come in out of the rain. Before you make a comment on what someone is, you may do well to know the person first before making such a comment.

There is a young man who works for Lambert's Cafe and will be going on a mission trip to Honduras. I just want to thank Lambert's for making this trip possible for him. This is important for him and the work he will be doing can help change many lives. This will be a good experience for him. I don't get to go to Lambert's very much, but in the future I will go there every chance I get.

It's already begun. The man can't pronounce words in English so Americans can understand him, but Arnold Schwarzenegger has made his next move. On the news last night, he said he thinks the Constitution should be changed. As it stands now, no one who is not a natural born citizen of the United States can be president. He wants to change it to where if you were born in another country and have been a U.S. citizen for 20 years, you can run for the presidency. (He has already been a U.S. citizen 21 years, therefore, he would be eligible to run.)

Gay marriage. People need to just accept the fact that there are gays and lesbians in this community and in every community. There always will be. I don't see why Bush or anyone else should try to put a stop to gay marriages. They're not the ones getting married so why should it bother them or anyone else? People just need to mind their own business and quit worrying about other people's lives. I can think of a lot more issues that are more important that need to be dealt with other than gay marriage.

Regarding the Charleston warrant serving coverage on KFVS-12, I saw an officer breaking the law on the video. There was a red SUV that blew through a stop sign with no sirens or lights while serving warrants. I wonder if the driver ever thought about oncoming traffic, or children on bicycles. Did he receive a ticket? The vehicle with the camera man stopped before he proceeded. There are a lot of good cops out there who get a bad rap from the ones who do not use their heads - the few, like the officer in the video who disregarded the law to enforce the law. Please use your heads. My children live and play in these neighborhoods. They are growing up in a world that is tough enough without having to worry about a careless cop. You can serve warrants without driving recklessly.