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Governor's race is getting interesting

Wednesday, July 16, 2003

Don't look now Bob but that candidate breathing down your neck comes from your own party. That's right - State Auditor Claire McCaskill on Tuesday said she had $1 million in the bank to challenge incumbent Gov. Bob Holden in the Democratic primary next year. Even though everyone has regarded McCaskill with respect for her political savvy, I'm not sure if anyone expected her to raise a million bucks this early in a race for which she has yet to announce her candidacy. But there it is in black and white. Just over $1 million in the bank. Let the games begin.

Holden, of course, has the enormous support of organized labor and has double that amount banked thus far. But Holden has yet to ignite any fires under the Democratic faithful and McCaskill is seen as a real threat to his nomination for re-election.

Meanwhile, Secretary of State Matt Blunt will also top the $1 million mark in campaign funds and he too has yet to officially declare as a candidate. But a potential Blunt-McCaskill race is becoming a greater reality daily. But don't discount Holden. Holden takes to the limelight like a moth to a flame. He will use every aspect of his office to distance himself from McCaskill. But that bloody primary might also open the door wider for Blunt. And Matt Blunt is no newcomer to the political arena either.

Holden - in my opinion - has been a terrible governor. He has made more than his share of dumb mistakes and has backed that up by making some downright stupid ones as well. McCaskill meanwhile is playing the game like a pro. She has largely stayed out of the legislative battle that has cost Holden tons of political mileage. And when it comes time to announce, she'll portray herself as someone who can unite the state as opposed to the constant bickering for which Holden is universally known. I said she was savvy.

One year from right now will bring one of the more interesting political battles in our state. But at this point it's almost impossible to say who will be waging war. And harder still to say who will win.

All I know is this - the upcoming gubernatorial contest will be ugly and expensive. And just when you think it's reached rock bottom, get ready - the fireworks are about to begin.

I can hardly wait!

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