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Cold-blooded killer deserved to die

Thursday, February 12, 2004

Shakeisha Lloyd was just 10 years-old when she was murdered. She was also 17 weeks pregnant. On Wednesday, the state of Texas executed her killer. He was also the father of her child. For those who oppose the death penalty, this case must be a nightmare.

Edward Lagrone was executed Wednesday for a 1991 triple murder which included Shakeisha and two of her great-aunts. Police believe Lagrone killed the three because he was angry that Shakeisha's mother would not drop sexual assault charges against him for impregnating her daughter. To the very end, Lagrone maintained his innocence.

Lagrone was no stranger to the criminal justice system. He was released from prison in 1984 after serving only seven years of a 20 year murder sentence. In short, the district attorney summed his life up fairly well. "Just a cold-blooded murderer."

I understand the moral concept of forgiveness. But let's face it - there are some in our society for which forgiveness may apply but for which justice must also apply. Edward Lagrone fits neatly into that category. Those who oppose the death penalty can find no answer for someone like Edward Lagrone. And thus their arguments fall on deaf ears in my opinion.

And though I certainly don't want to open a can of worms, how would the pro-life movement address a 10-year-old pregnant girl? Are there no circumstances under which a pro-choice decision might be appropriate? And if so, is this not surely one of those cases.

Society is better served with the passing of Lagrone. And society needs to also understand clearly that some people are beyond redemption. The price they should pay is most obvious.

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