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Youngster's identity remains a mystery

Tuesday, July 15, 2003

It remains as much a mystery today as it did two years ago. Police found the headless body of a young girl, who is probably some where between the ages of 3-6. The body was abandoned in a wooded area and the head was found in a trash bag nearby the following day. That was all that was known then and it's all police know today.

So how can a young child disappear from the face of the earth and not one single person offer a clue or any information? That's the frustrating and baffling part of this two-year-old puzzle.

Police have named the girl "Precious Doe" and have tried on three occasions to provide a sketch of what she looked like in an attempt to generate some information on the unknown child. But thus far - 600 or so leads later - police admit they are no closer today to solving the puzzle than they were two years ago in April when the body was found.

Today, police will exhume the body in hopes of uncovering additional clues. They want to recreate her appearance in the hopes that the publicity will bring someone forward with information. But in all honesty, police are not overly hopeful. After all, it has been two years.

Doesn't it make you wonder how, in our society, a child can simply vanish? No parents, no grandparents, neighbors, friends, etc. have wondered whatever happened to this child. You would think that someone, somewhere other than the killer knows what happened. Maybe they are afraid to contact law enforcement. Maybe.

Precious Doe may well remain a mystery. There are others. And the same nagging question remains - how can a child vanish and no one is around to offer a clue.

I don't want to paint too broad a stroke on this ugly picture. But this disappearance unfortunately does indeed say something about society. And what it says it not a pretty picture.

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