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Speakout 4/1

Monday, April 1, 2002

Call 4471-6636

I would like to offer a word of encouragement for the people in the Matthews School District. I grew up and live in Parma and the same thing happened there. The value of our real estate dropped and it's really sad to not have your old high school to go back to. Who would get the school tax money in the south part Sikeston in New Madrid County? Would it go to Matthews? If so, I hope Matthews is ready for a fight with New Madrid. It looks like New Madrid has set itself up pretty good, doesn't it? Good luck, Matthews.

This question is about the Matthews School District trying to separate from New Madrid County R-1. If this school system is working so well for the small towns in the county that don't have a school, why are the town populations and property values dropping? And why did Mr. Barnes say that enrollment has dropped 2 percent a year and 6 percent this year? What's the explanation for that?

I have lived in East Prairie all my life. We sure don't need another park for people to destroy. Our streets are terrible. We don't even have a street sweeper that works. Our little town doesn't need any more taxes. We don't have any business here now and we don't need any tax increases.

I'm calling in response to the person who needs help in a garden and needs a patio porch painted. My number is 471-4828.

I'm calling in reference to the person who needs someone to break up a garden and a patio painted. Our phone number is 481-0150. We'll do anything like that, so give us a call.

Someone called SpeakOut looking for someone who could break up her garden and paint her patio. Please call 472-6198.

Back in the '60s there was a country and western song out by the name of "Welfare Cadillac." Does anybody know who sang this song? I understand this song was taken off the market because it applied to welfare people. If someone can remember who recorded this song, I would appreciate seeing the information in SpeakOut. My friend and I can't agree on who the singer was.

Gary BB Coleman sang "Welfare Cadillac;" Lee Tillman did "Wanted: A Solid Gold Cadillac; "The Aquatones performed "Welfare Cadillac" and Guy Drake, "Welfare Cadillac Blues."

I think it's lousy that your paper did not pick one of the Bell City Cubs' State 1A champions on your Dream Team.

Actually, we chose three. Eric Henry was placed on our second team, while C.J. Hadley and Dominitrix Johnson were both honorable mention selections. Only Bell City and NMCC ended up with three players on the team. The five players that were chosen for the first team were the five best players in our opinion.