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Speakout 3/25

Thursday, March 25, 2004

I don't know how smart you are, but yes, they did convict Martha Stewart and I can't believe they did that either. However, Clinton was never impeached. If he had been impeached, he would have been put out of office. George W. Bush didn't do anything to work for money. It's all his daddy's money. He never did a lick of work in his life.

People in this country wonder why people in other countries don't respect us in the United States. We have a complete lack of morals when we allow people of the same sex to marry, other people to ignore the laws, when it's clear that the only ones they're interested in helping is themselves of those with a lot of money. This country is going to hell in a hand basket fast.

To the person who was defending George Bush. He is a career politician who makes all his decisions based on whether or not he will be elected in the next election. The Republicans are using fear and simple-minded tactics to make people believe in what they're doing. I'm not a Democrat but I don't like the way George Bush goes about his business. To say he is a good man, I think you would have to know him before you could say he's a good man.

Since Mr. Jensen is a Republican and always running down the Democrats, I feel like he should change the name of his newspaper to the Standard Republican instead of the Standard Democrat.

Sorry, caller. The name of this newspaper has nothing to do with politics. When the Democrat Advertiser and The Daily Standard merged, the name was changed to Standard Democrat. It's that simple.

I was at the Malco Theater on Saturday and a young man was hit by a vehicle. I was very impressed by a couple of women who stopped to help him. It was evident that they were nurses and I just wanted to say it's good to know there are still people who will stop to help others.

There oughtta be a law

There ought to be a law against people smoking around children in an enclosed environment. Everyone has the right to breathe oxygen, to breathe good, clean air. Unfortunately, some children don't have that right and are forced to stay at home while their parents or others smoke cigarettes in front of them and in their presence. Not only does this affect them later in life because their role models are smoking, but it destroys their lungs and gives them asthma. You're killing them before they have a chance to grow. It should be illegal to smoke in an enclosed environment in front of children. It is wrong - morally and physically wrong.

The family who had a house fire at 511 Wilson St. would like to say thanks to everyone who has helped them as far as donating clothing, household furnishings and give a special thanks to the Eagles Club for their kind donation. The family is still in need of household items such as bed linens, towels, wash cloths and still in need of some clothes. The woman's size is 24 pants and 3X shirt; and the man wears 36 pants and a large or XL shirt. Any donations can be brought to 315 Ruth St. or call 481-0150. Thank you again to everyone who has helped.

I take exception to the idiot who said Mike Jensen's comment stinks. Mike Jensen hit the nail on the head. I don't know who the moron is, but John Kerry is on television every night promising to stop shipping jobs out of the United States. Bill Clinton sent those jobs out long ago. Jobs haven't been leaving the country since Clinton went out. Some of the Democrats seem to think someone is still doing that but Clinton is the one who did it all. Kerry is known for marrying rich women. The first rich woman he married got him into the Senate. He lived high on the hog when he was married to her. She divorced him and he had to stay with his friends. He didn't even have enough money and had to sleep on his friends' couches at different places. Then he married again to a woman with millions of dollars. He's living high on the hog again. He has had several plastic surgeries to improve his looks (if that's supposed to improve his looks, I'd hate to have seen him before the plastic surgery). He's an idiot, a fool, a liar and God help this country if he gets in.