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Speakout 3/24

Wednesday, March 24, 2004

I read your March 10 SpeakOut where it said the "Good Book says not OK." I agree 100 percent with this person. I am a mother and I don't think I want my kids to say these kinds of things are OK when it's not OK. You have to stop and think about what kind of children you are raising. It is not OK for lesbians and gays to be showing this kind of stuff to our kids. What about the straights? They say it's OK for gays to do this and that. It's not OK because the Bible says it is an abomination. And it is an abomination in every shape and form.

The March 10 SpeakOut that mentioned scriptures concerning homosexuality were all true. Even though I am gay, I want you to know the article is true. I was raised by a Christian family and I know the Bible does say homosexuality is wrong. But I am happy with myself as I am and God knows my life and how I live. He will be my judge, not people. We are not supposed to judge anybody, no matter how they live. I was recently in a relationship (don't have a fit). I don't say that homosexuality is right. This person has always told me the truth. Being a person who believes in God just like I do, even though we knew we were wrong in the relationship. This person had committed a crime and paid for his acts by serving time in prison, even though he maintains his innocence. Is it true that he committed the crime? I question that now. I pray for that person and his family because he has done a lot of damage. All gay people should realize that God is there, no matter what, and he loves everybody.

Sorry, caller. We had to edit and condense your calls into one comment. The best way to get a SpeakOut call in the time frame allowed is to write what you want to say and then read it into the answering machine. When callers speak too fast, the comments are hard to understand. Also, please turn any TV or radio sounds down low because the background noises add to the difficulty in hearing comments. Thanks for your input.

I thank God for watching over me and another vehicle. I was pulling out of my yard on March 13 and almost pulled out in front of an oncoming white pickup truck. I apologize to the driver of the truck. I did not see you. Thank God for my daughter, because she did see you and I'm sorry.

I would like to thank Ron Greenlee for the funny and painfully truthful letter he wrote in the Your View column. Keep up the good work, Ron.

I've never heard of Ron Greenlee, but he better know what he's talking about when he starts downing the National Guard. The National Guard is the oldest military organization in the United States. Daniel Boone belonged to the National Guard and so did a lot of prominent soldiers in World War II. Davey Crockett was a National Guardsman and so was Audie Murphy, the most decorated soldier in World War II. You better watch what you're saying. You may stir up something you can't put out.

Ron Greenlee wrote a great letter to the editor. Ron for president!


When did the telephone company start aggravating everybody over the phone and keep calling time after time after time, when the customer says they don't want anything added to their bills.

I am calling in response to the person who said politicians who won't give you the time of day should stay away. They don't say hello, ask how you or your family are or even how your dog is. I'm talking about the politicians running for the school board. Just because your child is a student in this district doesn't mean it's a good excuse for you to be on the school board. You have a one-sided view, what's in the best interest for your child. If you are elected to the school board, it should be for all kids, whether they're white, black, Puerto Rican or whatever, regardless of their gender or social economic status. Sometimes when people get on the board, they are only there for their child.

Does anyone have a used commercial type popcorn popper for sale? Also, what are they building on the west end of Sikeston by Casey's? Some say it's a home, others say it's a store. What is it?

In answer to your second question, a business is being built in the fenced-in area.

Who is the Sikeston doctor who helps patients get prescription medicine from Canada?

Dr. Glen Babich, 471-1485.