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Wednesday, Aug. 24, 2016

Speakout 5/6

Friday, May 6, 2005

Would someone in this town explain to me why I have to work 80 hours a week, making a little more than minimum wage to pay for someone to be on Section 8 or live in a rent house, work two jobs, draw food stamps and get government assistance, when I can't. Explain to my why someone can enter illegally into the United States of America can be allowed to steal my identity, use my social security number, get into my bank account and live in these kind of houses. I want to know. You talk about cleaning up Sikeston, why don't you really clean it up? Section 8, it is OK for people who really need it. Food stamps, they are fine for the people who really need it. But don't sit at my work place, tell me that you draw three social security checks, you draw ASDC, you draw $600 in month in food stamps and pay $9 a month in rent for your little Section 8 housing and you have the right to have more in this town than I have. You can go to the health department, you can go to DAEOC, you can go to all the churches, you can get all your bills paid, free food. You can practically destroy the property you live in. Let your dog, who has been starved to death, be picked up by the dogcatcher. And you don't expect to be accountable for it when you live in a Section 8 house that has dog fecal matter all over it and ate through the walls. If you want to clean up Sikeston we want to hear your comment on that.

I would like to say thanks to the lady at the Dollar Store. My nephew and I were going to the Dollar Store today and I had something very embarrassing happen to me. She caught my attention and the problem was taken care of and just want to say thank you. There goes another angel in my life. Thanks and God bless.

I saw on TV where they handcuffed the little girl, she must have been about 6 or 7 years old. They said that was using excessive force. Did you see how that girl acted? What is a teacher suppose to do? Be hit, kicked, whatever? I think the police showed good judgment in handcuffing the little girl. Maybe it will teach the little girl a lesson that there is something going to be done about her behavior. It looked to me like the teacher and the principal had done all they could to try and calm the little girl down and get her to quit doing things. I think we need to do more discipline in our schools so we don't have Columbine.

* * *

This is on the little black girl that was handcuffed down in Florida. No, I don't think they went too extreme. Yes, it was unfortunate it was a black student who was trying to be controlled by a white teacher. Oh no, you can not have that, they have to be allowed to do what they want and get away with it. I guarantee since the teacher was white she will lose her teacher. I believe if the teacher were black that slammed a poor white kid he would have got a good job and a way to go and got to go back to work. I do believe maybe you should look at her parents. Maybe you should look and see if the little girl's momma taught her to act like this.

There is something that owners of businesses and employees who have worked with illegal aliens need to understand. It may take us forever to get our tax returns but let them run your social security number and let them find out that some how while you were working at one job in the state of Missouri that someone had your social security number - be it illegal and was working in another state. It shows up on your income tax. Don't be surprised if you get a knock on your door and it is your friendly IRS man. Are you going to let him in, telling him that you have been audited. So for all you who are working illegals. God bless you and I hope you get the same letter that I got and had to go in and show where I was 24 hours a day, seven days week for the past two years.

I need someone to mow my yard this summer. If interested, call 471-2151.