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America is changing its look and outlook

Wednesday, May 11, 2005

With the stroke of a pen, the federal government on Tuesday approved $1 billion to hospitals to treat illegal aliens. The money will go for emergency care payments primarily to border states with large alien populations. But the key to this new policy is that the money covers the expenses of illegal aliens but hospitals are banned from asking the resident status of those seeking medical care.

It is becoming painfully obvious that we must announce a massive amnesty program for all illegal aliens and then declare the problem solved. That way we no longer have an issue with illegal immigration into this country. Then we open the doors instantly to Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid programs as well as housing and food assistance programs. Then we need to expand the free education programs to all newcomers regardless of their status.

By making these moves, we take the issue of illegal immigration off the board. We save money with a reduced border patrol expense and greedy employers have an available workforce subsidized with tax dollars. That solves the employment issue because those Americans unwilling to accept lower wages can simply remain on the public dole while newcomers fill those positions.

I recognize that any human - regardless of any circumstances - should receive emergency medical care when and where they need it. That much must remain certain. No one should ever be turned away from receiving the emergency care they require. But why are hospitals banned from asking the appropriate question of residency?

What would be wrong with asking that question and still providing the care? Well it seems that Hispanic groups fear that illegal aliens would avoid emergency care if they thought their status would be detected. That may well be the case. But when did we abandon our right to enforce the laws of this land? When did the rights of the illegal alien trump the immigration laws of this land?

I'll tell you when it happened. It happened when the Hispanic population became a substantial voting bloc. It came when politicians recognized that catering to the Hispanic vote would win elections in California, Texas, Arizona and Florida. There is simply no other explanation.

I recognize that $1 billion on the federal budget is chicken feed. But it's also the principle of the new policy.

You can easily look down the road a hundred years or so and see what the face of this nation will someday reflect. We will likely live in a total welfare state where the federal government provides our every need. We will likely live in a society where the fruits of our labors will be used to provide the care and needs of those who do not labor.

The end of America as we know it won't come in a revolution. It will come a billion dollars at a time.

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