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Speakout 5/12

Thursday, May 12, 2005

Everybody is talking about this and that, but let me tell you the truth. You sent our young sons to prison saying you are rehabilitating him and when they come out of prison, they will be better men. That is a lie straight from the devil. You can't change a thing. Instead they go in straight and they come out gay, liars and crooks. How can you change the soul you didn't die for. Only one man can change anything is Jesus Christ. He is the only one. He is not going to let you take his glory. After all, you didn't die for no one therefore you don't have the power to heal and deliver. It is not your job. You couldn't do it if you tried. All you do is make them worse off than they were before they went in. How can an imperfect person make a person perfect? Therefore I leave you with this. The whole nation is cursed for you have robbed me said the Lord of hosts. I will be so glad when Jesus comes back and cleans this whole mess up.

I noticed that when I'm in one of the local grocery stores, I have seen them clean the bathrooms and they have one of their shopping carts that they were putting the dirty trash in. Even though it was in a plastic bag I think that is very unsanitary. They should just have a specific basket to put the trash out of the bathroom. I think we as customers shouldn't have to use the cart that they take the trash out of the bathroom in.

I live in the Housing Authority. I am disabled and I'm young. I have just read the notice you put out in March on how the young are living with the disabled. Please, maybe it is these older ladies. I'm young, I'm a very sick person. Yes, I have people stay with me because I'm a sick person. I do not hand drugs out, I do not sell drugs. There is no prostitution here. The reason these ladies are speaking this is because there is somebody young living here and they do not agree with it. They think that all that should be living here is elderly folks but his is also for the disabled people and I am 100 percent disabled. Please put this in the paper to let people know that not all people, that are sick or disabled are bad people because they are not.

I would like to say good job to Deputy Bobby Penrod of Mississippi County. He solved another case of crimes in our county. For those of you who don't know him he is a hard-working, dedicated officer, even when off duty. He is a great person with a big heart. I feel safer knowing he is out there to protect us. Good job and keep up the good work.

In response to "Some are cheating." Well, I don't really understand because now the Democrats are not in there, the Republicans are in there and they have been in there almost eight years. He still hasn't done anything about it so I don't think you can blame the Democrats about the people being on Medicare and Medicaid. I think you need to blow the horn on who is really causing the problems. I think that is the Republicans, not the Democrats right now. If they get voted in, next time you can blame them.

I saw Richard Yang smiling on the front page of the Standard. I now know why he is smiling. He thumbed his nose at the Scott County Prosecuting Attorney's office and Judge Dolan and the victim of Louise Yang and ran from the custody of Scott County and hid in Mexico for five years. He is now back and is getting the same deal that he was going to get originally. I can't believe that Judge Dolan and Paul Boyd are allowing Richard Yang to get the same deal that he plead to when he left the country and thumbed his nose at everyone. I now know why Richard Yang was smiling.

I was answering the call about the Complex. They have tennis court out there and they have kids out there running around out there on skateboards. They need something to have those kids off the street, why don't they turn that tennis court into a skating board outfit and keep the kids off the street and the cops from running after them all the time. Everybody don't play out there and it is just going to waste.