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SpeakOut 9/10

Wednesday, September 10, 2003

Call 471-6636

I live close to a house that has just welcomed a new member to its family - another dog (rottweiler). This household already has four other dogs. Two of the dogs stay outside with no shelter from the heat and several neighbors have said there have been several days and/or weeks when they have seen no attempts made to feed or water them. Every day a child is outside with this new dog. The child wears a pair of gloves that reach above his elbows and has a broomstick, making the dog mean by teaching it to bite and chase people. The child will make the dog bite the glove or stick. The the child starts slinging the dog back and forth, making it growl and come back for more biting. This child also allows the dog to bite the ankles while playing chase in the yard and then falls on the ground, letting the dog chew on the gloves. Right now, this dog is a puppy, but it won't stay little forever. How will this animal act when it's not a puppy anymore? There are many small children in this neighborhood and I'm afraid that a child could be hurt one day. Who can I call concerning this matter about all these dogs?

You didn't say where you live. If you live in Sikeston, call animal control at city hall, 471-2512 or the Sikeston Department of Public Safety at 471-4711 and file a complaint. Otherwise, contact your city police or county sheriff's department.

I am an elderly woman is in need of assistance following unexpected personal difficulties. I live on a fixed income and don't have the money to buy the items I am in need of. If anyone has a washer and dryer and a sofa they would like to get rid of, please call me at 472-1172. My neighbor is in the same situation as me and is also in need of a sofa or hide-a-bed and a recliner or chair.

This is a response to a recent SpeakOut comment in which the caller is complaining of a father's lack of rights because he has to pay child support or face jail, even though the child does not have the father's last name. He concludes that the only fair solution to this situation is to absolve him of all financial responsibilities. The mother in this scenario is a subject for another day. However, if the father had wanted his child to have his last name, he should have married the child's mother before he started breeding her. Since he did not, why shouldn't the child have his mother's last name? The caller's problem is that he does not know the difference between a sperm donor and a father. A sperm donor is a childlike individual whose only interest is the physical act of sex without regard for the physical consequences. A father accepts the responsibilities of procreation and expends the time, energy and resources necessary to develop the resulting child into a productive, happy, healthy human being whereas a sperm donor seeks any excuse to avoid supporting his child. A father makes no excuses but does all he can for his child, accepting the inherent personal sacrifices. From the attitude portrayed in the comment, we can surmise that the caller is a sperm donor and not a father. As taxpayers, we are supporting the children of thousands of sperm donors with the same attitude. Perhaps the child should have the last name of one of the millions of taxpayers who will undoubtedly pay to raise this cretin's child. Clearly, the child is better off not bearing the caller's name.

I am a resident in the town of Miner. I think it is a shame that every time I drive through Miner, the police force has an out of town car pulled over. I realize that some of these people may deserve it, but I thought we pay taxes for our police department to protect and serve, not harass the out of town people. How about the police department leave the out-of-town Lambert-eating folk alone.

What has happened to this country? We were founded on the word of God and now our laws are changing to separate church from state. Have all of us Christians forgotten what God has done for us, and now we are turning our backs on Him? Have we forgotten he has given us eternal life just by believing and asking? Now it's time to either stand together and put God back in our country or suffer the wrath that He will bestow on us. If we turn our backs on Him, He will turn his back on us.

Calvin King rescue makes that 98 people lied, because I also called it in and it was printed. I would also like to know how they get this information on Mississippi County on the Internet. I have tried Mississippi County on the Internet and cannot get the sex offender list or anything on that order. Can someone tell me how to find it?

Public court records are found at www.osca.state.mo.us Click on Case Net and then go under listings for the court you want. Then follow prompts.