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Tuesday, February 26, 2002

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I've been reading the paper lately and I think all the pictures of kids swinging in the back yard and that are fine and dandy, but have I missed a story on David Barkledge or the chief of staff or Sen. Peter Kinder on a story about a question of ethics or that sort of thing? I've scanned the paper as of late and have been hearing about it in the coffee shops, but that's about it. I would mighty appreciate it if you could put something about that story in the paper.

The story ran on Feb. 10.

I'm 67 years old and I've been voting for a long time. I've mainly been a lifelong Republican for the most part, but I'm concerned as of late and as a matter of fact in the last couple of years. I've been seeing a lot of things like questionable campaign dollars coming in to (as I understand) through Southeast Missouri and Mississippi County and Scott County. The biggest recipients of questionable funding from Missouri campaign funds and what not, I see they're going on. And I see other things I've heard about on the radio and in other newspapers about Sen. Kinder's chief of staff. Apparently there are some questionable ethics and things of that nature going on and things. I'm a little disturbed about that. It's unfortunate that we haven't seen any of that around here reported all that much. I think we need to see a little more of that stuff rather than the usual hum-drum stuff that we see.

I'm calling in reference to that argument about the video stores and what you can or cannot rent at certain video stores. I think we could solve our problem pretty easily. I've been hearing about other towns like Blockbuster and Hollywood Video in Cape Girardeau. I know they are bigger than us and that's probably why they have all those video stores, Hastings and what not. Poplar Bluff also has a Hastings and I think a Blockbuster. I even hear that Jackson has a Blockbuster and they aren't any bigger than Sikeston. I think we could solve a lot of our video woes here in town if we could just get a Hollywood or Blockbuster here in Sikeston. Our town ought to be big enough.

I'd like to complain about your cartoon that appeared in the Feb. 15 paper, "Big Nate" and about your pick of the week that appeared in the Feb. 17 paper. Those are in very bad taste and I hope it doesn't continue.

This is in regard to the Kenny Rogers Telethon that is coming up. Three years ago a young African-American lady sang on the telethon and I believe her name was Nicole Williams. How can we get in touch with her and when will she appear on the telethon again? She really did our hearts good and has so much talent. Wherever she is, we would love to hear her sing again. Please tell her if it's not too late to please sign up to sing this time?

In regard to "Ballpark is a hit" in the Your View section of the paper, I can't believe the taxpayers will not be out any money whatsoever. Two-thirds of the funding comes from the Cardinals. I am a little concerned with that missing one-third of the cost. If the Cardinals don't pick up that one-third of the missing cost, certainly the taxpayers shouldn't. Where's the money going to come from?

On Thursday, the Cardinals pledged 20 percent of their profits to help fund the proposed stadium.

I went to Dr. Dillon's office today and lost $10 on the parking lot. A man and his little girl found it and gave it back to me. This just goes to show you that there are still honest people in the world. I want to thank this man and his little girl. May God bless them always.