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Tuesday, February 12, 2002

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There is a young man accused of child molestation. He has never been in trouble, never just hung out and dealt with many children. No child ever accused him. They are all grownups now. He has had three public defenders and has had the last one for about four months. A poor man, especially a black one, has no chance. What do you think about a public defender telling you he is tired of your case and wants you to plead guilty so it can be over with? Is he working for his client or the state? No physical evidence - just what the kids say. Is there any justice for the young poor?

I would like to make a comment concerning the horrible accident on Highway 61 and our law officers. A couple of days after the accident, my husband and I were going to Sikeston. We were on State Highway H when my husband said, "There is a flashing light heading our way." The siren was barely audible and the deputy was driving like a bat out of h---. Shortly thereafter, another flashing light was seen. Again the siren was barely audible but this deputy slowed down when he saw that there was a county road (528) to our left. Fortunately, we were not turning and my husband got off the road. When we caught up with the two deputies, they were parked on the new I-55 overpass at Miner. We were wondering of there really was an emergency.

This is in regards to the Sikeston sports. I had the misfortune to read all the criticism in regard to the Sikeston athletic program. It's bad enough when other communities criticize and back-stab; it's even worse when someone in the community back-stabs our athletic programs. There is a saying that it takes a village to raise a child. The coaches in Sikeston are pleased that they have so many parents and other coaches to help build for the program. SHS coaches never take all the credit, nor do they take all the credit for successes, nor do they pass the blame down to the junior programs when they may not have a successful year. For heaven's sake, let's all work together and stop all this back-stabbing, and no, I am not affiliated with the Sikeston program.

Congratulations goes out to the beautiful mother doing a great job raising our 4-year-old son. I miss you, Momma, and see you soon, you "Little Scownbooger!"

I see by the news that Mike Tyson is now not allowed to fight in Nevada. Now he's going to California. I hope they bar him too. He should have never been allowed to fight in the first place. I knew the first time I saw him that he wasn't going to win. I don't know if you'd call him mentally retarded, mentally challenged or mentally disabled, but that man is crazy. Not only isn't he a man, but he isn't human; he's an animal.

I just read in one of the tabloids where Will Smith said he has the highest IQ of just about anybody in the world. On top of that, he said he is smarter than any president the United States has ever had and he might run for president. I think the way he talked just made a fool of him. I believe that man's got a two-ton ego.

Remember, he is a comedian.

It's time for the county commission to look at Northcutt ditch and clean it out, from Kelly School south. Please look at the ditch.