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Speakout 3/4

Monday, March 4, 2002

Call 471-6636

I would really like to take my hat off to Animal Officer Kenny Fowler for apprehending a dog that was running like an escaped convict. This dog has bitten cats and terrorized the neighborhood and for the Department of Public Safety to apprehend it. People don't realize that these people do their jobs. They do it well and efficiently. Sometimes they don't find the animals so when people call in, be very nice to these people because they work hard. If they don't find the animal you reported, you've got to keep calling and let them know where they're at if they're causing you a problem. So please give DPS and especially the animal control center and Mr. Fowler the high respect they deserve. They have to worry about such things as rabies and other diseases they could get by bites from these animals, especially after they bite cats and other stuff. It's a wild world, but these people work well (and make sure you put it down here the way I said it) because DPS is great and Mr. Fowler and his animal control department is great. Anybody who disagrees with me is wrong.

I work in the ER admissions and would just like to thank you for being so nice and polite when you come into the emergency room. Your smile just brightens everybody's day. We need more people like you. Thanks again for being so nice.

What happened to Melissa Lundberg, the KFVS news reporter? I haven't seen her in a long time. I thought she was good.

She went to work for another television station.

I see where some yellow dog Democrat is moaning about the farm bill, the Reagan days and Bush days. Back when I was farming, you didn't get any subsidies. It depended on your management and hard work. Nowadays a farmer looks in the mailbox. They're the biggest welfare recipients in the United States.

I don't care what Dick Cheney and George Bush did about the energy problem. They got it stabilized and that's all that matters to me. They got it below $1 a gallon and that's more than the previous administration did.

The mayor, Congress or whatever it is, or whatever it is, councilmen over here in East Prairie, let's put a stop to these big 18-wheeler CDTA training trucks coming through the middle of town. We have a truck route over here. If they want to drive over here, they should use the truck route, not the city streets that we can barely keep repaired. The 3,000-pound cars won't hurt it but when you get 15,000 and 20,000 pound trucks coming over here, we don't have the tax money to fix these streets as it is now. Sikeston didn't like it and the population in Sikeston is almost five times higher than ours. They couldn't afford it and we can't afford it. So put a stop to it now, mayor, or don't be asking the citizens for the tax raise to fix these streets after letting the 18-wheelers tear them up. I would like for you to ask the mayor why they are allowing this to go on.

Hey, Jensen. Why don't you write an editorial and get on the Post Office's case. I read your editorials and agree with most of them. Every now and then you'll double bogey one, but my Dad's birthday was the 16th. I mailed him a card and a check on the 13th so he would be sure and get it. When I talked to him yesterday, he finally got it on the 21st. Eight days! So get on their case. Come on. It's 70 miles from my carport to his carport.