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Your View

Friday, March 1, 2002

In response

I have some comments on Scott Coatney's lengthy letter in the Feb. 25 issue. I will limit myself.

To John Ashcroft, President Bush and, as Mr. Coatney describes them, the godly Republicans and the ungodly liberal Democrats, Mr. Coatney thinks all senators who voted against Ashcroft's nomination for attorney general should be removed. I think otherwise.

During the Senate confirmation hearings, I saw and heard Mr. Ashcroft say, "I will enforce the abortion laws so help me God." Maybe he should have said, "So help me, Satan." I do not believe God will help him enforce those abortion laws.

Here is Mr. Ashcroft, who says he opposes abortion but is now the greatest enforcer of abortion in the world. I say he is the greatest hypocrite in Washington and maybe the world. I really think Mr. Ashcroft (like many) is misguided and truly believes he is doing what's right.

President Bush said, "I will not seek to overturn Roe v. Wade." That got him votes from the pro-abortionists and later he cut off funding for family planning in some backward countries where they breed like flies and die like flies, and that pleased the anti-abortion group who does not believe in abortion or family planning but only have one or two kids themselves.

What we have in Washington is John Ashcroft, who will enforce the abortion laws, and President Bush, who will not change those laws, and abortion goes on as usual and will as long as the Republicans can get votes from it. It's my opinion Ashcroft and Bush sold their souls for the sake of power - and my writing the above is not political correctness for me, is it?

Since I am a Democrat, Mr. Coatney probably thinks I am an ungodly liberal and should be replaced with a godly Republican, of his choosing, of course. But facts are facts, regardless of whose comfortable thinking they upset.

- W.T. Woods