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Speakout 6/14

Monday, June 14, 2004

The Sikeston community as a whole is very proud of Blake Dewitt and his team. However, there are other games to report. We are all just as proud of our own children who play at the complex every week in the Sikeston Area Youth Baseball program. We are now several weeks into the season and you continue to report the scores at least a week behind. Can you not find the time or the space in your paper to do this? I am just as proud of my "little league" players as Blake's parents are of him.

I'm calling about the two houses on the corner of Oklahoma and Illinois streets that have the dogs that bark all night. Would you please do something with your barking dogs? We have lived here for several months now and it has been just about an every night thing. We would sure appreciate it if you would do something with your barking dogs.

I was wondering about the people who are complaining about the baseball and the coaches, how many of them have actually coached or if they are willing to coach? If they are not, then they need to keep their mouths shut and let their kids play.

There is a truck that says "Cable Construction" on the back of it. That guy doesn't know how to drive. He drives down the middle of both lanes of the highway. He doesn't give a signal light. I don't know what is wrong with him. He pulls in the right lane without giving a signal light then he pulls back in the left lane. Somebody needs to make him take a driver's test again because he is driving like he is 16 or 17 years old and if he would drive like that he would be off the road.

Why don't you put in the paper when people are dismissed from the hospital or when they go into the hospital. A lot of people do not know when their friends are in the hospital. It is really nice to know about.

Due to hospital privacy policies this information is no longer available to the media.