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Speakout 5/20

Friday, May 20, 2005

I'm reading the Friday the 13th section of Speakout under the "Roadies" section. I also want to know just who you can contact to report discourteous tractors and farm equipment blocking the roads. I noticed there was no response to this caller's question.

According to the Missouri State Highway Patrol, any discourteous driver on state highways can be reported to the Patrol by calling (573) 840-9500; incidents that occur on county roads should be reported to the county's sheriff departments. The Patrol noted officers cannot respond to all discourteous driving situations; however, reckless situations and careless and imprudent driving are taken into consideration.

I've seen a lot of stupidity but nothing like I have seen tonight on 62 between Miner and Bertrand. This road has been known for accidents and numerous deaths throughout the years but tonight I saw a red Chevy extended-cab dually come by the place about 95 miles per hour along with several suped-

up motorcycles going well over 90 or 100 miles per hour. All following one another and passing in front of my house. Tell me, where does your brain prevail? I took the pickup truck's number and I will be calling the Highway Patrol.

It sounds like to me that "Stop the cuts" in last Wednesday's Speakout is another young person draining the system instead of out working for a living. If you have four kids and you make $579 a month, why aren't you out working? Please don't tell me that you have arthritis or a bad back. I have those two but I still work every day. Why did you have four kids if you draw a check? There are ways not to have kids if you can't afford them. It is not the taxpayers' job to support your kids and please don't think we are stupid. If you have four kids and you draw a check for $579 a month, you are also getting $400 a month in food stamps, free medicine and free medical visits from Medicaid. You live in a HUD house for less than $100 a month and you get gas and electric assistance. The governor has to cut somewhere are we are going to go broke. There is too much abuse. What happen to people taking care of their own parents? I work every day and I still take care of my elderly parents and I don't expect someone else to.

I want to Speakout about the poor people. How are they going to make it? The poor people deserve more. They work in factories and on farms and worked everyday all of their lives. Now the government wants to cut a lot of their benefits, even cut Medicaid, cut out part of their Social Security, where they can't even get medical care. But look at the people who are working for Family Services. They sit on their lazy butts and did nothing, when they retire they get their insurance and draw a big check. What is fair about this? They shouldn't get their insurance and shouldn't get to draw those big checks like they do. They drive big automobiles and live in fancy houses and get their hair fixed while we are complaining about people living on Medicaid. What is the difference. The government needs to cut out a lot of this. We worked a lot harder than they ever did. How come they can draw their retirement and still draw big Social Security checks. If they get big retirement checks, they shouldn't draw Social Security . They should cut this out then we would have enough Social Security to go around.