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'Under God' should stay in our Pledge

Tuesday, June 15, 2004

The United States Supreme Court on Monday ruled that the phrase "one nation, under God" would remain as part of the traditional Pledge of Allegiance in schools throughout the nation. A California man had sued on behalf of his daughter. But the ruling is just a partial victory since the case was decided along legal lines on whether or not the father had legal authority to speak for his daughter.

The ruling all but assures that additional challenges to the Pledge will come before the court. Monday's ruling overturned an early decision by the California courts that said the phrase was in violation of the Constitution. But since upward of 90 percent of Americans favor retaining the phrase, the California court decision sent a firestorm across the country. Monday's ruling was met with unanimous support but it probably won't be the last word on the subject.

Were the high court to ever rule that the Pledge violates the separation of church and state, I believe there would be an upheaval in this nation unlike any in the past. I simply do not believe that an overwhelming majority of Americans would allow such a ruling to stand.

What most of us don't understand is how a court can rule against the wishes of the very people they are appointed or elected to represent. Granted, the Ninth Circuit in California is the most liberal activist court in the land. But even those boneheads should recognize the prevailing sentiment of the nation and rule accordingly.

As a conservative, I have never agreed that a strict interpretation of the church/state issue would include elimination of all references to God. That argument is patently wrong. I doubt the founding fathers had that in mind when they proposed the Constitution. But the case clearly illustrates the massive power of the courts. And as I've said repeatedly, that power is increasingly becoming far greater than it should be.

On the one hand we applaud the high court's ruling. But we also know that this is not the final word on the issue. Let's hope and pray that the day will come when God is included in our society and our government and not excluded as is the trend these days.

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