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Speakout 9/22

Wednesday, September 22, 2004

I would like for the person who called the City of New Madrid about a 25-inch Zenith console TV to put her number in SpeakOut so I can call. My SpeakOut that you put in the paper was not correct; this person is not from New Madrid and I don't know where they are from but I would like to get their telephone number so I can call and talk to them.

Unlike the President, the young men and women trying to stay alive in the unraveling chaos of Iraq can't count on their daddies to get them out of the line of fire.

This is to the SpeakOut caller who admonished us to support and always believe in our troops from all the wars we've ever fought. You are a hypocrite. John Kerry volunteered to join the troops that fought for our freedom, and you don't support or believe him. Maybe you should say, "Support our troops, except for the ones I don't like."

I was brought up to respect authority and I do when they're honest and moral. How can people like the Kerry bunch be so horribly dirty and expect respect? I've never seen anyone so sleazy and low as them. President Bush is not the one who told about his lies in Vietnam. The vets who served with him did that. The Democrats can't seem to get it that jobs were going overseas long before President Bush. He didn't ask for the terrorists' war, but thank goodness he is our leader instead of undecided flip-flop character just to find out Kerry's charges against Bush on guard duty were falsified on CBS. What's next? Can you imagine how we must look to the rest of the world with all his nit-picky lies? The United States is supposed to be the great of all the world and that kind of crappy politics looks pretty ridiculous. They're probably laughing their heads off, thinking, "How can that be the USA?" God help us.

It touched a heartstring when I read the Sept. 14 article, "Presidential visit." You are so right in your comments about Michael Jensen's Sept. 8 article, how he hoorayed Bush and said his "heart swelled with pride." Such a biased character shouldn't be an editor. I, too, remember and was excited when President Clinton came to our area in 1996. He was at Cape and also in Cairo. I went to see him and you didn't have to buy tickets and you could get as close to him as possible. It was a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Bush didn't come here because he wanted to; it was only for the poor votes of Poplar Bluff and the surrounding area. And he lied like a dog in his speech. He doesn't even know what kind of economy we have. If you want hard times, go ahead and vote Bush. These churches, who are already feeling a crunch, are really going to be on your bones the next four years if Bush gets in because people won't have money for anything but necessities.

Dan Rather looked like he got caught with his pants down with that forged letter about President Bush. He's a Bush-hater, hates his guts. He thinks more of Hussein than he does of Bush. He got into bed with Hussein over there before the war started, like he went to Russia in the Cold War. He is a sorry old man, corrupt and a yellow-dog Democrat.