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Your view: Rewarding lies

Monday, January 31, 2005

On the same day that Condoleezza Rice was confirmed by the United States Senate as the nation's Secretary of State, 37 American soldiers died in Iraq. In what seems a cruel hoax, the date of her confirmation coexists with the deadliest day for American forces since the United States invaded Iraq almost 24 months ago.

In the weeks leading up to March 2003, Condoleezza Rice was front and center in making the Bush administration's case for war with Iraq. In her role as National Security advisor, she repeatedly deceived, manipulated and lied to both the American people and members of Congress about justifications for the war.

In spite of being so completely wrong about issues of critical importance to the country, and in spite of failing to adequately perform her most fundamental tasks as National Security advisor, Dr. Rice is rewarded with confirmation as U.S. Secretary of State.

Those 13 senators who voted against her confirmation will be conveniently dismissed as petty partisans. Instead, they should be applauded for having the courage to say no to an administration groupie whose primary qualification for the job appears to be her zeal for telling her boss precisely what he wants to hear.

As Condoleezza Rice is being sworn in as Secretary of State, the families of those 37 servicemen who perished Jan. 26 will be trying, as best they can, to cope with the loss of a husband, father, son or brother. Did those 37 young men die in vain? Time and history will tell. Did they die as a result of falsehoods propagated by Rice and others? Sadly, the answer is yes, they did!

Ron Greenlee,