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Speakout 4/20

Wednesday, April 20, 2005

I would like to Speakout about our great governor Baby Blunt. Baby Blunt is really cutting benefits of the elderly. The cutoff is $579 monthly. How is going to save by putting people in nursing homes? Where are they going to get all these nursing homes to put people in? They will have to build a lot more nursing homes, they will have to have a lot more people to take care of them and they will have to charge more. He is still green behind the ears. He is still a baby. He listens to Baby Bush too much. They are both ignorant. It will cost the state more the way he wants to do. How would he like to live on $579 a month? How would he like to raise four children and pay insurance? How cold-hearted. People who draw $579 still have to pay rent, lights, gas, bills for medicine and food. How far does Baby Blunt thing $579 will go? People will be killing and stealing. I guess they will have to build more prisons because there will be more killings. The State will be worse off than it is now. I guess Baby Blunt and Baby Bush will start having the old people starve to death and the other ones kill them because they won't have the money to buy the necessities they need. People that take care of the elderly in their homes don't make enough to pay their bills so they work very cheap, cheaper than the nursing homes. It would still be cheaper to pay these people to do and keep people out of the nursing homes. It would cost about three times more to put these people in nursing homes. I only wish Baby Bush and Baby Blunt had to live on $579 or less because a lot of people do try to live on less than $579 a month. I think it is very cruel. I feel sorry for these people.

This is in regard to the Speakout caller who was concerned about the flag hanging at half-staff for the pope. Flags are flying at half-staff on orders of the President, who declared it in an executive order after the pope's passing. All government buildings across the country have their flags at half-staff. All that is, except for our fine local post office. This is embarrassingly disrespectful to the pope and our president. They have no excuse either because I called over there myself and told them to lower it.

- - -

Concerning the flag flying at half-mast at the complex in honor of the pope. I'm sure if the caller would reread his comment, he would realize he meant half-staff.

- - -

I'm calling in response to the question about the flag flying at half-mast for the death of Pope John Paul II. He is not just a religious figure, he is also a head of state. The Vatican is a country and I'm guessing that is why President Bush chose to have the flag fly at half-staff.

I live over in the Morehouse area and the tornado season is in and everything. Is there a place here where somebody can go if they want to shelter for a tornado? I don't have a basement or anything. I just wish they would get their heads together and make it where people had a place to go in Morehouse that don't have a basement. This would be a good thing. I know I would make use of it. I think it would be nice to have a place to get away from a tornado, you know like a basement here at one of these churches made available to us who want to take shelter.

I attended a meeting tonight in Miner and I sat through the whole meeting. I went there to ask a question. Immediately after the meeting was over with they didn't even give me the courtesy to ask question. They closed the meeting. I find that as a citizen very rude. I can't remember a mayor in the past who wouldn't ask the citizens if they had a question. I resent this very much as a citizen.

I would like to speak to anyone who happens to know the mascot and the school colors for Diehlstadt and Matthews, Missouri. Please call 481-9967, the Sikeston Depot. The time frame will be from the 1930s to the '50s so not the current school mascot but rather the high schools of Diehlstadt and Matthews.