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Speakout 3/16

Sunday, March 16, 2003

I am calling about health or sanitary conditions in the fast-food restaurants. I have been to three lately. The workers are not wearing gloves, they blow their noses, go to the bathroom. I don't know if they're washing their hands or not. A few years ago there were outbreaks of Hepatitis A and B in Sikeston. Why don't they come down harder on these restaurant workers to use the universal safety precautions?

To all the whiners, if George W. Bush asked you to jump off a bridge, would you? I support the people who have the guts to stand up and protest the war. If you really don't war - all of you say you don't want war, but this isn't about the soldiers. We all support the soldiers. We don't want them to die or for that matter, we don't want anybody to be murdered. Do you understand that? It's about what's right and what's wrong. We are not playing follow the leader. Open your eyes. Seek enlightenment.

This is to the driver of a Chevy Cavalier. I'd like to thank you so much for allowing your passenger to throw out her trash at the stop light downtown. Thank you so much for making this town just a little bit dirtier. P.S.: I have your license number.

Sorry, caller. SpeakOut is not at liberty to publish the license number.

I was going down the highway the other day and saw a lady who I guess was praying. She was talking and had her hands raised in the air. She might have been praying to God, but anyway, I don't know, God might have been driving that car because she sure did not have hold of the wheel. She could have had a wreck but I guess as long as God's with her she wouldn't do that.

For all the local levee districts, drainage districts and local highway departments, if you want to cut down on your mowing costs, you want bermuda grass growing on the rights of way instead of fescue. Now's the time to spray on the fescue so your bermuda grass can grow. Then you'll only have to mow once a year.

The number in SpeakOut for the Better Business Bureau has been disconnected. Do you have the new number?

The correct number is (314) 645-3300. We had trouble getting through on the first try; we dialed a little slower on the second try and got through OK. You can also contact the Better Business Bureau on-line at stlouis.bbb.org

Your SpeakOut recording says you can speak out on any subject you desire. From my experience, it should also say except any criticism of King George Bush. I have called three times in the last two weeks and none of them have been in SpeakOut. I guess now he will try to buy Jordan with a few more billion dollars of our money.

I suppose after we have a new contract with Charter Communications, we can expect to get regular increases in our cable bill for the next 10 years. I would like to think that some limits would be placed on the contract, but with past experience, I don't suppose that is the case. People come in and raise the rates and senior citizens have no control over the increases. That doesn't seem very logical to me that they have to have a contract but couldn't have something in there about the prices also.

I think it would be great to have a White History Month in July. But it will probably never come to pass because we will be accused of discriminating, although Black History Month is not considered to be discriminatory.