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Tuesday, Aug. 23, 2016

Speakout 6/15

Sunday, June 15, 2003

Will you please return the purple bicycle you stole from 209 Dorris Drive last week? I would appreciate it.

I see where President Bush is sending $1 million a day to rebuild Iraq. What happened to the money they found over there? Who's getting that?

I was walking Wednesday morning and there was a big dog running loose. A nice man who worked at Auto Trim Design came out to see what was wrong with me and walked with me past Kingsway Furniture out of the dog's way. He really helped me; I was so frightened. I want to thank him and thank God because we still have such good people in this world and he was such a nice guy.

Fact is...

In response to the person saying that the school board members were being childish for handing out diplomas to certain students, these people, not all of whom are on the school board, only stepped up to hand out a specific diploma at the request of a student. You seem to be a bit jealous of the board members.

Come on, Mike. Where is your editorial on Bush's tax cut? It will leave out a tax credit for 250,000 military children and all other families with children making under $26,700. Let's not forget that Bush's dad got him into the Texas National Guard to avoid the draft, where he attended only eight of the 24 monthly meetings. Sock it to us low income workers, George! What a President!

What are the City Council and mayor of Charleston going to do about this night club here in Charleston, where four of the people who were shot were under age. You're supposed to be 21 years old or older before you can go into a club like that, especially at 1:15 or 1:45 a.m. We had a chance to pull their license before. Now let's take these people off the street before some more people get shot or even get killed. What is the council going to tell the Standard Democrat what they're going to do, since these four people were under age at the night club? Let's shut this place down. We don't need people like this. This is not discrimination. We don't need it.

According to Charleston City Manager David Brewer, the altercation actually took place at Lil Bros, a hall rented out by the owner of the Bros Kicking night club across the street. "We do have the authority to declare the place a nuisance and for 10 days can suspend the license to do business, and that has been done," Brewer said. The night club's owner, Patricia Carpenter, has reportedly voiced intention to file an appeal to be heard by the council during their regular meeting Tuesday.

On Watson Street off Smith Street there are little children sitting in the middle of the road (maybe ages 1, 2 and 3) and they just keep on sitting there. They don't get up, the parents never see anything about this. I am scared to death that one of them will get run over this summer. The older kids will throw balls, get on your porch, run across your lawns and flowers. The police need to calm this thing down and get onto the parents. There are plenty of back yards for them to play in.