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SpeakOut 5/1

Saturday, May 3, 2003

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I read where the St. John's Ditch is finally going to be cleaned out this summer. Boy, does it ever need it. It needs it all the way to New Madrid, but from Sikeston north will help a lot. We have seen people dig out ditches and just leave it up on the bank. That is no good. You need to have something in the contract to stipulate that the dirt has to be hauled off and put somewhere else so it doesn't just wash back into the ditch. Get it right for a change.

I have a solution that could help solve some of Sikeston's money problems. Why doesn't the former mayor, who owns a business in Miner and the councilman who has a business out near the Mini-Farms, move their businesses to Sikeston? That way they could pay city taxes in Sikeston. Maybe they could buy the old Malone and Hyde building and they wouldn't have to build new buildings. Also, maybe the realtors who wanted the PILOT program so badly could tear those houses down themselves, since they're the ones who would make money after the city tears them down. Maybe that would help. It's fine when money comes out of everybody else's pockets, but they may not like it too much when the money comes out of theirs.

In response to the person who said Bill Clinton got us into this mess, please call and explain in the paper just how he did it. This country was in better shape when Bill Clinton was president, he was elected for two terms, which I'm sure George W. Bush won't be (his dad wasn't), and tell me what you're talking about. Kenneth Starr spent millions of dollars trying to find something on them but couldn't. He even tried to pay people to lie on the stand and they wouldn't do it. They went to jail instead. So you tell me how Clinton got us into this mess instead of George W. Bush.

I read where people call in about Clinton being to blame for this war. Where do they get that at? When we went to war in Iraq the last time, George Bush's daddy was president. He took a lot of heat because he didn't finish him off. Now, as President, George W. Bush was determined to get him and he didn't care how much it costs, how many got killed or anything. He tried, but we don't know if he got him or not.

I cannot believe that with the shortage of money, that the Charleston R-1 Schools are having a play and spending all that money. Isn't that a waste, when we need to be teaching our kids?

I am calling about a bank in Sikeston. They don't have their priorities straight. They worry more about who they are going to apply the next title to than having enough employees for its customers. I had to quit going to the East Prairie branch on my lunch hour because I didn't have enough time to eat lunch unless I took it with me. They don't have enough employees working during the lunch hour. If they would quit making every other person a vice president or assistant vice president, they might have enough money to hire enough employees to take care of us, the customers.