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Speakout 5/25

Sunday, May 25, 2003

I was reading in the May 16 paper about the shameful condition of Garden of Memories Cemetery. I agree with the comment about getting together. We should all meet at the same time on the same day at the cemetery office and take it to them before we take it to the City Council because something needs to be done.

I remember when you could send a post card for one penny, one red cent. I won't have to live much longer before it will cost $1. That's what unions do for the Postal Service. Private enterprise could beat them two to one.

Most of the cash lended by Saddam's grandson has been recovered. It was in the paper. What are they going to do with it? Why can't they use that money to build Iraq? Why should the U.S. taxpayers have to pay to rebuild Iraq? Let Mr. Bush take his assets and his (expletive) over to Iraq and rebuild it. Cheney and Bush have $8.8 to $19 million assets. Why can't they forfeit their salaries to help build Iraq, rebuild the economy and help the poor? They are two very greedy people.

I understand that the FCC regulates the programs on TV. They rate the programs. Why is Howard Stern's weekly show (he's on two nights a week) not rated? He is the filthiest person I've ever seen on TV. His show should be rated with at least an "R" or maybe an "X." It's a filthy, filthy show. I won't call him a man or a human being. He's not that. Why hasn't the FCC rated his show? Some of the old westerns I watch are rated PG. Clean, decent movies are rated PG that were made back in the '40s. His show should be rated or taken off TV. Anybody who watches his show, I don't know how they can watch it because it is a filthy, filthy show. I wish the FCC would investigate this.

To 70- and 80-year-olds. This is a good time to be getting out of this world. This President hasn't an idea on how to fix the economy. He just wants another four years to pamper the rich. For a dab of oil, he has the whole Muslim world against us for 50 to 100 years. It's not safe to fly out of the U.S., it will ruin our overseas travel. Living under these conditions is hardly worthwhile anyway.

To the lady who is 63 and couldn't get her pizza, if you live on the west end of Sikeston, you won't be able to get a pizza delivered. No matter how young or old you are, they won't deliver to the west end. We've lived here for more than 40 years and they won't deliver here because the owners are afraid of their drivers being robbed, which I think is discrimination to people living on the west end. We have as much right as the other people do to have pizza delivered, so we know how you feel.

Thirty times in the last month I have been following kids who throw their trash out. This afternoon, I was going to Lowe's and somebody threw three Burger King bags of trash out. The week before, two kids threw out two bags of trash on North Ingram. Why do they just throw their trash out the window? Don't people have any respect in Sikeston or their home or where they live? I wish people would keep their trash until they get home and throw it in their own trash can. Every morning I have to pick up trash in my front yard on North Ingram. Not one morning goes by that I don't have to pick up beer cans, soda bottles, McDonald's or Burger King trash. You name it. Please, people in Sikeston. Have some respect for your home town and your heritage. Let's try to keep Sikeston clean. It's gone downhill fast enough with the drug dealers.