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Speakout 10/20

Friday, October 20, 2006

This is in reply to the ex-offender. Well, I'm sorry but no matter what you done, you are still an offender. There's a lot of child molesters and people like that, that do their time and get back out in the world and then they get back out in the world and they do it again and again and again and again. So therefore an offender is always an offender, you're never an ex. I understand you are trying to get a job and what not and understand your anger. Whatever your crimes was that you did was enough to keep you from getting a job so it's nobody's fault but your own.

What does the Democrats want? Another Clinton in the White House. They are throwing such a fit over this guy. He resigned. Clinton had sex in the White House, got up and lied under oath. Everytime a Republican does anything, they resign. But boy, not the Democrats. I can't understand why they are throwing such a fit over what he did. They ought to be thinking about what Clinton did. They all held up for him. I don't know what's gonna become of people if they don't straighten up. All these gays and things. You never heard nothing about that 'till Clinton came out and sent them into different things. They got a life as same as everybody else. Why make such a big deal over it? Always on the news about a little deal like that and they always run it in the ground.

I live on Linn Street here in Sikeston. I don't know what the speed limit is on this street, but I do know that it's not 90 mph that the cars drive by here go. Also there's a motorcycle that goes by here and one even hit a dog today. They turned around but they didn't have the gumption to say I'm sorry or anything. If they were speeding, and the two motorcycles in front of them were speeding, and they could not care less if they ran over a kid, a dog, or whatever. Policemen need to come by here and make sure there is no speeding on this street, because it is everyday all day long that they speed on this street. It is ridiculous and something needs to be done.

Raising minimum wage is probably a good idea, but remember, prices will go up if minimum wage goes up. Small businesses cannot absorb $1 an hour per employee and not have to raise prices. So, if you are going to make more money, you are also going to pay more money for what you are now getting. Also how will this effect people on a fixed income like Social Security? Is it going to go up that much to take care of that? Also people making $10 an hour are also going to want a $1 an hour raise also if everybody else starting is getting an extra $1. It will have to go across the board. Prices are going up if minimum wage goes up.

I have five kids and I get up and go to work everyday. My father has worked everyday of his life. I do receive some of the programs that are offered to me. There are some women that are single moms that really work hard to make it and people are just putting these single moms down and it's just not right. Before you sit there and judge someone by the outside, you should judge them by the inside. And that's all I've got to say.

To the person wanting a piano, call 472-1234.

Skating around the issue

I want to start talking about my skateboard outfit again. They went out there at the tennis track, built a new one. But they can't go out there and build a skateboard rink for the kids. But they can call the cops to go out there and chase them off. The bigwigs can go out there and play tennis, but they can't fix nothing for the kids to play with. People can't speak out about this. People need to get something for the kids to skate board.

Cell phones are going to break the country, first they are going to break the state of Missouri. Drove by some guys that were working for the Highway Department. Five of them were working, four of them were on their cell phones. Three guys were mowing, two of them were talking on a cell phone.

This is in response to the trash left after the Cotton Carnival parade. As for myself and my family, we took plastic bags, not to pick up candy, but to pick up trash. All the litter that was left around our vehicles was taken away. If everyone would do that, our city would not be left in a mess. We are each responsible for the trash that we do make. So, I think everybody should pick up their own garbage.